Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Left Still Doesn't Get It

Not long after the bone-crushing defeat of Sen. John Kerry last November the Democrats, being as out of touch with mainstream America as they are, held an emergency meeting to figure out how Bush could have possibly won. As dumbstruck and panicked as they were all they succeeded in doing was come to the conclusion that Americans in the red states were somehow duped by the vast right- wing conspiracy.

The far left that dominates the Democratic Party can simply not believe that the majority of Americans are not as cowardly, devoid of morals, and decadent as they are. The Pelosi, Kennedy, and Boxer mouthpieces of the Party have done nothing but echo this disbelief. In their minds and even in the face of overwhelming evidence there is just no way that they could be wrong.

Of course how can you not believe that they would think this way when for years they have heard nothing but their own propaganda through almost every media outlet available. The far left that also dominates most of the media in America has been all to happy to perpetuate the left-wing conspiracy bent on larger government, an aversion to fighting terrorism, and greater personal "freedoms" with no responsibility or moral basis.

There is at least one Democrat that saw the lesson of the 2004 election. That Democrat is Senator Hillary Clinton. In her push for her Party's nomination in 2008 she has, at least by her rhetoric, become more of a centrist in her Party. Now this does not fool most of us conservatives who are aware of her record and her willingness to lie to get what she desires. What is alarming is that she is playing to the Independents and middle of the road Democrats and Conservatives in hopes of duping them into believing that she is not a left-wing liberal. The Republicans do not need to underestimate her and need to maintain their strong message for the middle of the road people themselves or it could mean disaster in 2008 for us all.

I felt a little relief today however, when I read a Washington Post article that illustrated the division between Democrats in the Party. Yesterday Senator Clinton gave a speech urging for a "cease-fire" between the far left and centrist members of the party. She pleaded with them to come together with a common central message for America. This speech angered the far left accusing her of siding with the Democratic Leadership Council, the centrist movement within the Democratic Party. The far left is at odds with the DLC over the future of the Party and want a candidate in '08 that will push their agenda. Members of the far left are already warning Senator Clinton that she could pay a political price for centrist rhetoric.

This is good news for Republicans. The election of 2004 was a statement made by everyday ordinary working men and women of America and not the anomaly that the left believes. It was a sound rejection of the left-wing agenda because the majority of Americans want to keep more of the money they earn, are supportive of ridding the world of terrorism, and are morally responsible. As evidenced by the denial of the left-wing to believe this it is obvious that the left still doesn't get it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Tolerance has Limits

With the recent bombings in London and Egypt the fear of terrorist attacks has risen here in America. With the absence of any significant attacks here on American soil since 9/11 we had become complacent and confident in our security measures. That confidence has been severely shaken in recent weeks. We have seen how easy it is for some intent on killing innocent people to do so. The security of our transit systems are now being reevaluated and the New York police department has started random searches of train passengers and there are calls for video monitoring systems to be installed much like those in the London tunnels. The usual detractors of the war on terror are once again out in full force postulating that the bombings in London are proof that the war in Iraq has not made us safer from terrorist attacks here in America, or the war in Iraq is the cause of terrorist attacks.

If the war in Iraq is the cause of terrorist attacks, what was the cause of these attacks before the war? The fact is we are much safer here in America without Saddam Hussein, as is the volatile Middle East. This was a man that attacked his neighbors, killed his own people, paid the families of Palestinian homicide bombers, and would have gladly aided terrorists in inflicting as much carnage as possible here in the United States and abroad. However, it is also a fact that we are not immune from terrorist attacks here just because Saddam is gone. No one ever said that deposing Saddam Hussein would end terrorism. This is just one battle in a World War. Abandoning the war on terrorism in the hopes that it will all go away is not an option. We know from a history of nothing but strong words, economic sanctions, and token military strikes that terrorism will not just go away.

There is a larger battle looming in this war and it is not going to take place on a battlefield. It is going to be a battle to change the philosophy of the Islamic clerics and Muslim leaders of the world. The terrorist organizations and countries can blame their propensity to violence on Western friendship towards Israel or policies that they view imperialistic, but it is due more to a type of Fundamental Islamic fascism bent on the spread of Fundamentalism and a hatred of all infidels and other non-fundamental Muslims.

After the terrorist attacks in London Tony Blair called on the Islamic clerics in his country to denounce the attacks and denounce terrorism. Soon after this call some of the clerics in London did so. This is not the first time clerics have been asked to denounce terrorism and it is not the first time that they have issued statements against attacks on innocent people. It seems that the statements from the clerics have fallen on deaf ears as evident by the continued acts of terrorism. It could be that the clerics are telling the infidels one thing while preaching the merits of violence to their followers. The principle of Al-Takeyya allows Muslims to lie for the faith. This especially true in times of war as Muslims see war as deception.

The ACLU is already trying to rally against the random searches of train passengers in New York for fear of racial profiling of Arab-Americans. No one in this country should be discriminated against because of the color of their skin, sexual orientation, or ethnic background. The terrorists understand that we love our freedom in this country and they have seen our public outcry when someone or some groups liberties have been infringed upon. They will try to use this love of freedom against us. It will not be long before there is a law suit against the City of New York because a police officer stopped a person that looks Middle Eastern and searches their bag. Then the police officers will be relegated to stopping and searching little old ladies and letting Middle Eastern males in the 18 to 40 age range go for fear of further lawsuits. I know that not all Middle Eastern males in that age range are terrorists but almost all of the terrorists that have been caught, killed, or killed themselves are. Even with this knowledge, at present, most people in the United States and Europe are not in favor of the racial profiling of this group. This is because of the love of individual liberties and the willingness of inclusion of all peoples in our society. You have to ask yourself however, how long will this tolerance last? In our democratic societies the government turns on the will of the people. How many bombings will it take before the will of the people is to exclude the people of Islam from our countries?

Armed with the knowledge that Islamic clerics and other leaders may be lying for their faith words should no longer be sufficient, we should demand action. If Islam has truly been hijacked by terrorists and this is not the true nature of the religion then the people of this faith throughout the world need to abandon their ambivalence to the violence and join in the fight to defeat terrorism. It is especially imperative for Arab-Americans and Arab-Europeans that truly love the free countries in which they live to do this. They should know that while Americans and Europeans alike value the freedoms of their countries and with the exception of a few, are willing to include and accept people of all races and faiths, I am afraid that our tolerance will have its limits.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Good News!

The economic report from June is very encouraging. All signs indicate that our economy is on strong ground and getting stronger. The federal budget deficit is falling to $333 billion dollars this fiscal year. That is down from $412 billion in 2004. The reports show that the President is on his way to reaching his goal of cutting the deficit in half before a self imposed deadline of 2009. After a recent Cabinet meeting Bush stated that this is “a sign that our economy is strong, and it’s a sign that our tax relief plan, our pro-growth policies, are working.”

The main reason for the shrinking deficit seems to be due to tax cuts put in place by the Bush administration. While initially after tax cuts there is a fall in tax revenue, eventually there is an increase in overall revenue. This is because of the incentive to invest and work and produce goods because of a lower tax rate. There is also a reduction in government paid benefits encouraging people to get a job and get out from under government dependence. In other words it is classic supply-side economics.

Even more encouraging are the strong signs of consumer confidence. Retail sales are up 1.7%, stocks are up, unemployment is down and even with high gas prices Americans are still going on vacations. According to the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis spending is up 6.6% from January through March as compared to the same time frame from last year.

I’m not an expert on the economy nor will I claim to be but this news is very encouraging even to the novice. If you are reading this article and this is the first time you have heard any of this I’m not at all surprised. Apart from a few sound bites and a few small back page articles I have not heard a whole lot from our media about our strengthening economy. The facts and figures mentioned in this article come from research done via the internet. The information is there it just takes a little work to find it.

Most people want to hear about what is happening in Iraq and the war on terror. Some people want to be kept abreast of the Karl Rove controversy. Everybody wants to know about the economy. If this is true then why wasn’t the economy more of a headline over the weekend? Probably for the same reason you have not heard much good news reported on Iraq or the war on terror. You get a body count every night but not much on any successes. You can bet your ,now strong, bottom dollar that if the economy was going south it would be headline news.

The left-wing media bias is at work again. Report as little as possible about any success the Bush administration enjoys and spin as much negativity as possible. This is especially true of the economy which is greatly influenced by consumer confidence. Far be it from them to do anything that might give credit to Bush’s economic policies and bolster that confidence. The media is dominated by left-wing liberals and they are usually pessimistic by nature, but there is good news out there. I encourage you to do a little research and read past the front page headlines to find both sides of the story. Most importantly, enjoy the economic upswing. Take advantage of investment opportunities, low interest rates, and go on vacation!