Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Left Still Doesn't Get It

Not long after the bone-crushing defeat of Sen. John Kerry last November the Democrats, being as out of touch with mainstream America as they are, held an emergency meeting to figure out how Bush could have possibly won. As dumbstruck and panicked as they were all they succeeded in doing was come to the conclusion that Americans in the red states were somehow duped by the vast right- wing conspiracy.

The far left that dominates the Democratic Party can simply not believe that the majority of Americans are not as cowardly, devoid of morals, and decadent as they are. The Pelosi, Kennedy, and Boxer mouthpieces of the Party have done nothing but echo this disbelief. In their minds and even in the face of overwhelming evidence there is just no way that they could be wrong.

Of course how can you not believe that they would think this way when for years they have heard nothing but their own propaganda through almost every media outlet available. The far left that also dominates most of the media in America has been all to happy to perpetuate the left-wing conspiracy bent on larger government, an aversion to fighting terrorism, and greater personal "freedoms" with no responsibility or moral basis.

There is at least one Democrat that saw the lesson of the 2004 election. That Democrat is Senator Hillary Clinton. In her push for her Party's nomination in 2008 she has, at least by her rhetoric, become more of a centrist in her Party. Now this does not fool most of us conservatives who are aware of her record and her willingness to lie to get what she desires. What is alarming is that she is playing to the Independents and middle of the road Democrats and Conservatives in hopes of duping them into believing that she is not a left-wing liberal. The Republicans do not need to underestimate her and need to maintain their strong message for the middle of the road people themselves or it could mean disaster in 2008 for us all.

I felt a little relief today however, when I read a Washington Post article that illustrated the division between Democrats in the Party. Yesterday Senator Clinton gave a speech urging for a "cease-fire" between the far left and centrist members of the party. She pleaded with them to come together with a common central message for America. This speech angered the far left accusing her of siding with the Democratic Leadership Council, the centrist movement within the Democratic Party. The far left is at odds with the DLC over the future of the Party and want a candidate in '08 that will push their agenda. Members of the far left are already warning Senator Clinton that she could pay a political price for centrist rhetoric.

This is good news for Republicans. The election of 2004 was a statement made by everyday ordinary working men and women of America and not the anomaly that the left believes. It was a sound rejection of the left-wing agenda because the majority of Americans want to keep more of the money they earn, are supportive of ridding the world of terrorism, and are morally responsible. As evidenced by the denial of the left-wing to believe this it is obvious that the left still doesn't get it.

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