Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Cold War Anniversary

Today marks the 25th anniversary of Polands Solidarity movement.

The AP story that is linked above is relatively short but gives credit to the Solidarity movement in Poland for helping defeat communism and bringing about a unified Europe. During the ceremonies there was a mass held honoring Polish Pope John Paul II for his work in aiding the movement's resistance to communism.

In this article there is not one word mentioning Ronald Reagan. Reagan was instrumental in aiding the Polish Solidarity movement. According to Reagan's National Security Advisor Judge William P. Clark the Reagan administration warned Moscow against an invasion of Poland similar to those in Hungary in 1956 and in Czechoslovakia in 1968. President Reagan made it very clear to the governments of Poland and the Soviet Union that the United States would not stand idle if the communists attempted to crush the movement.

Read the full story here.

Maybe there will be more stories today and maybe one of those stories will give some credit to Reagan, but I doubt it very seriously. If he is mentioned his importance to the success of the movement will certainly not be stressed. Despite the importance of this historic Cold War event the left-wing media with their incessant scrutiny of the anti-war movement and Bush's spiraling poll numbers will certainly not take the time to heap praise on such an iconic figure of conservatism. The AP story today is correct in asserting that the movement "paved the way for revolutionary change in Eastern Europe" but it is a fact that the Solidarity movement would not have succeeded if not for President Ronald Reagan and the Poles know this. A public square in the city of Krakow, a place that was the scene of several protests by members of the Solidarity movement, was renamed Ronald Reagan Square last year. While the mainstream media and the left-wing loonies may not appreciate the fall of Communism there are 38 million Poles who do.

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