Friday, September 30, 2005

Global Warming

I am sure I am not the only one hearing the far left blame the recent hurricanes on global warming. They have no trouble blaming President Bush's refusal to get onboard the Kyoto Treaty as the cause of such warming. Like so much of the left wing's rhetoric this is based more on emotion and less on the facts.

Now, let me first say that global warming is occurring and that this could very well be influenced to some degree by pollution and the greenhouse effect. But one must understand global warming is nothing new. A look back into the ancient prehistory of mother earth will reveal some interesting facts about climate change on earth.

In the middle of the Paleocene epoch, which begins at 65 million years ago, the mean temperature on earth was hovering around 17 degrees centigrade. By the time the Eocene epoch rolled around the the mean world temperature had climbed greatly spawning the extinction of may species and the creation of new species of plants and animals. In the middle of this epoch, which ranges from 53 million years ago (mya) to 37 mya, the temperature was up to 30+ degrees centigrade. This occurred without any intervention or lack thereof by President Bush, believe it or not. By the middle of the next epoch, the Oligocene, temperatures had dropped dramatically to less than 10 degrees centigrade. The Oligocene spans 37 to 22.5 mya. From there there was a slow but steady rise in temperature into the Miocene, which spans 22.5 to 5 mya. In the middle of this epoch the temperature dropped again to around 10 degrees centigrade. This temperature remained relatively stable with only minor increases until the Pleistocene which spans 1.8 mya to 10,000 years ago. The Pleistocene is commonly known as the Ice Age. Humans, Homo sapiens, came into the world during this period during a slight warming peak during this period.

Since about 10,000 years ago the earth has been coming out of the Ice Age. This means it has been warming. This process, as in all the epochs, is not an nice neat rise. it is slightly erratic when viewed in thousand year increments, even more so when viewed in decade or annual increments. None-the-less we are getting warmer as we have done many times, for millions of years. We are nowhere close to approaching the mean temperatures that occurred in the Eocene when tropical forests could be found as far north as modern Canada.

So what is my point? Global warming is real but it is nothing new and, Kyoto Treaty or not, it is going to happen. With this comes changes in flora, fauna,sea level and weather. Hurricanes are the result of global warming but are not the result of any action or lack thereof by President Bush. The erratic nature of global warming or cooling and subsequent weather patterns can be easily observed when looking at the hurricanes that occurred in the last one-hundred years. This is not the first time in a century that the hurricane numbers and categories have been high. Perhaps this is why Time Magazine chose to only look at data back to 1970 in its article about how President Bush caused Hurricane Katrina.

What we have is just one more example of the emotional reaction of liberals hindering their ability to think objectively and act rationally and responsibly.

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