Monday, September 05, 2005

"He lied! He lied!"

He lied, he lied!” It is just one more of the far left’s emotionally based mantras. There are others we are all familiar with, “No war for oil!” Yes, how silly does that sound now that Iraq’s oil infrastructure is up and running and we are paying so much for gas? That is another story for another day. I am here to talk about “He lied, he lied.”
Like so many liberal mantras this one is based on emotion and not reason nor facts. President Bush did not lie, he was incorrect, he was misinformed but he did not lie. If the far left bothered to look at the facts they would see that all the members of the U.N. Security Council were in agreement that Sadam possessed weapons of mass destruction. This includes the French, the British, the Russians and the Germans. I guess they were lying too. What about Tony Blair, of Britain’s Labor Party? Our liberal media does not touch him with a ten-foot pole. I think this is mostly because they are not in the business of spewing propaganda to prevent him or his party’s successors from getting elected. I also think that it is because his party traditionally represents the ideals of the liberal left in this country, though Blair continues to deviate from these ideals when it comes to his nation’s security. Did he lie too? Britain’s intelligence services are considered some of the best in the world. They got it wrong too. Blair did not lie, neither did Bush nor anybody else.
By the way, since when did the left become so interested in honesty? I seem to recall their golden child, Bill Clinton, lying under oath. Granted, war did not result but anybody who thinks the repercussions of this lie did not affect Clinton’s ability to govern are severely deluded. But what about other Presidents and their lies?
Well we all know about Nixon; let’s go further back to the Johnson administration. Want to talk lies and war? Then lets talk Johnson and Viet Nam. OK, OK Johnson was a dirt bag and maybe he is not representative of the Democrats. How about their icon, the man who supposedly saved the U.S. and the world, Franklin Delano Roosevelt? Well, everyone knows about his intentional lack of action that led to the Pearl Harbor attack but what about his actions regarding Germany?
Roosevelt really wanted to get involved with the fight against Nazi Germany, but the American people were not behind him because the Germans had not attacked the US. Sound familiar? Anyway, FDR’s solution was simple, lie. He did this in at least two ways. One was the “discovery” of secret invasion maps supposedly captured from the Germans, which showed the German’s plans for invading South America and thrusting north to the U.S. These were fabrications; the Germans were incapable of pulling off such an invasion even at the height of their power. Another lie was that the German attack on the USS Greer off of the coast of Iceland on September 4, 1941 was unprovoked. FDR contended that the Greer was on a mail run, literally. The truth is that this ship was tracking the submarines and directing British airplanes to their position to drop depth charges. So what are all these lies about? Well, to FDR’s credit he recognized the threat that Hitler posed to the U.S. long before the U.S. citizenry did. In retrospect getting in the fight early was the right move; FDR just lied to justify this. In short, “He lied. He lied!”
Rational, well-informed Americans regardless of political affiliation will recognize that Bush did not lie but did have worthless intelligence, as did the rest of the world. With this he committed us to a preemptive war on a country that has in fact attacked U.S. interests since the end of the first Gulf War. You did not hear much about the fact that Iraqi troops engaged U.S. aircraft patrolling the no-fly zone over 500 times since the end of the Gulf War. This is no lie.
What is comically sad about the far left and their mantras is that that is all they have. These mantras are based purely on the emotion of hatred for the President and are never followed up by a rational solution to a problem. For example, their solution to the tough war we are fighting in Iraq is equally as emotional and irrational. It is too pull everybody out. Do you ever get the feeling half of our country has the emotional maturity of a 5 year-old. I do.

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