Thursday, September 08, 2005

Madness in the DNC and MSM

Every time Howard Dean opens his mouth I am utterly amazed. I fail to understand why the Democrats chose him to be chairman of their party. So he raised a lot of money via the internet. That was before anyone heard his rant filled pep talk after his early primary defeat. After that I thought everyone saw him for the kook that he truly is. People in their right mind have to ask themselves, just what were the Democrats thinking when they picked him to lead their party? That is certainly the question I ask myself every time he embarrasses himself and his party by speaking out loud in public.

The Democrats are blinded by the free reign they have been afforded by the mainstream media to say anything they wish no matter how outlandish and get away with it. Because they have gotten away with it for so long the more outlandish their senseless diatribe has become. The evidence is staring us in the face everyday in the mainstream media starting with Cindy Sheehan and culminating with the Hurricane Katrina conspiracies.

To believe that the MSM would actually use Mrs. Sheehan as a credible news story after her anti-Semitic statements and her assertion that we are using nuclear weapons in Iraq is unbelievable. Then for them to seriously report as some are contending that Hurricanes and global warming are all Bush’s and Haley Barbour’s fault is absolutely mind numbing. Not to mention that now they, along with Howard Dean, insinuate that there was a concerted conspiracy on the part of the federal government to respond slowly to this natural disaster because most of the victims were poor and black. This is absolute madness.

In a previous post, Go on the Offensive, I asserted that the Bush Administration should fight back aggressively in the press. I stand by that assertion. I do not, however, advocate that Republicans sink to the depths of depravity that the left-wing loonies have, but I would certainly like to see some stronger and more consistent rebuttals from the Administration.

I will concede that in the end maybe the Bush Administration is getting it right. Maybe the MSM and the far left are getting just enough rope to hang themselves. Perhaps a reverse A Clockwork Orange effect is taking place. (see reference to this title in post mentioned previously) Perhaps the people in America are starting to see through the madness that the MSM and the Democrats are bombarding them with on a daily basis. The evidence of this may be seen through a recent poll showing that only 13% of the American people are buying this crazy drivel that the response to Hurricane Katrina is all Bush’s fault.

Further evidence may be seen in the upcoming off year election. If the Republicans retain or even gain some seats in Congress then the Administration is getting it right. If not, then the Administration needs to seriously consider a full blown “shock and awe” campaign on the media to make them accountable for the irresponsible fantasies they are peddling to the American people.

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