Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ophelia is on the Way

Posts have been lacking the last few days. I've been busy and it looks like I will remain busy for the next few days. As a law enforcement officer in Ophelia's path I will most likely be unable to post for awhile. However, I'm sure my good buddy Barry will be able to drop a line or two in my absence.

Check back frequently I cannot wait to see what the reaction is after the storm. I'm wondering if the whining about the feds in New Orleans is going to be contagious to the people of this area. I'm betting no. I have worked several hurricanes. The feds are never there the next day and I've never heard anyone complaining. What I see are people pulling together and helping each other until outside help arrives.

Seriously speaking, I hope the storm turns and heads out to sea or at least looses strength and does little more than rain and blow a little. Believe me I'm really not hoping the storm hits so I can see if people complain about the federal government. However, in the event we do get hit I will certainly relate my experiences. Good luck to anyone in the path with me and I'll be back when it is over.

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