Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Progressive? Please!

Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that the liberals have now changed their name? They are now calling themselves progressives. What is this all about? Well, it could be one or both of two reasons.

One possibility is that it is time for a makeover. The people spoke in the 2004 election and they said something along the lines of, we don’t much like your liberal agenda nor your tactics of deceit. I think this led to the desire of the Democratic Party to try to create a new image by changing their name. Liberal has, in fact, become a derogatory term in as much as the majority of Americans have no use for the liberal agenda. So, as the liberals were licking their wounds wondering why all the lies and misinformation they spread around about the President did not win them an election, they decided on a name change. I don’t know if it will do much good considering the poster child of liberalism is now heading the DNC.

Another possibility is that they are deluded. Actually, they are deluded about a number of things. Maybe they are also deluded into thinking they are actually progressive, progressive being defined as making progress toward something better. I think this needs to be questioned by those of us who view the world rationally. So is the liberal agenda a progressive agenda? I think you will find that the answers to the following questions may answer this question.

Is government sanctioned discrimination based on the color of one’s skin and/or their gender progress? Is the perpetuation of the welfare state progress? Is the removal of personal accountability progress? Is drifting toward socialism progress? Is ignoring threats to national security progress? Is rewarding those who abuse a system while punishing those who play by its rules progress? Is allowing the UN the power to dictate US foreign and domestic policies progress? Is ignoring illegal immigration progress? Is the practice of identity politics progress? Is legislation from the judicial bench progress? Is the ignoring the wording of the constitution and twisting it to fit special interest agendas progress? Is political correctness progress? I would say no to all of these. I would also have to say liberal does not equate with progressive.

None-the-less, liberals are slowly remaking their image by calling themselves progressives. Do not be fooled; I could call myself a lot of things but it does not mean that I am any of them. The liberal agenda is just that regardless of the new label. I predict that the use the label “progressive” will continue and grow as 2008 approaches. It is a reflection of the time honored liberal traditions of deception and delusion.

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