Friday, September 09, 2005

Time for a "Thank You" and an Apology

I seem to recall a time not so long ago when members of the American military were being referred to as Nazis. They were being accused by the far Left of committing atrocities like torture, murder and targeting journalists. The LA Times even went so far as to doctor pictures of American soldiers in Iraq to further distort the truth. They also accused the government of staging the heroic rescue of Jessica Lynch for the purpose of propaganda.

My, how times have changed. As I watched videos of paratroopers wearing their maroon berets marching into New Orleans I realized that these saviors were the same paratroopers who were being demonized by the press not so long ago. Now they and the countless other military personnel in the Gulf region, Gulf of Mexico that is, are saving the day. There are thousands of military personnel who have served in Iraq who are now engaged in the rescue and relief efforts. The air, sea and land assets the military has brought in are too numerous to count. Where are the protestors? OK forget the extreme Lefties for now. What about those Democrats who like to repeat the oxymoronic mantra about supporting the troops but not the war? When are they going to come out and thank the military? Maybe it will happen after they have quit pointing fingers for political gain.

None-the-less, all those Democrats who constantly whine about how much money our country spends on its military should take note. If it was not for this large, well-trained and well-equipped military there would have been no rescue whatsoever in New Orleans. The military did and is doing what it was intended to do, protect us from harm.

While most of the far Left Wing has stopped bashing our soldiers, for now, I have yet to hear any of their loud mouths thank these brave men and women who are risking their lives to save American lives. It is almost as if it hurts to do so. I think it hurts the far Left-wingers to admit that our service men and women are not monsters, not minions of evil, not heartless killers. All this good that is being done by our troops right here on the home front has got to make the radicals a little uneasy. There are, however, always those on the extreme left fringe that cannot see the forest for the trees.

A few are still so caught up in their agendas they have apparently not noticed the good work of the military in the aftermath of the storm. In fact, some in particular, are planning on protesting the Navy’s Blue Angels at a Maine air show. Something about the Blue Angels being instruments of destruction was said; I don’t recall exactly what it was. It was probably just another one of those liberal mantras that I try to ignore. I should add at this point that US Naval aviation was and is essential in the response to Hurricane Katrina. So who in this country could possibly be so blind, so caught up in fantasyland as to think the Navy and its fliers should be subject to protests? Why it is Cindy Sheehan and her minions.

It is high time for the Left stop its rantings and thank the military. It is also a perfect time for the Left to apologize to these men and women for all the harm and hurt they have caused our troops.

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