Tuesday, October 25, 2005


About an hour ago an AP report stated U.S. Army Staff Sergeant George T. Alexander died of wounds suffered in Iraq on October 17th at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. This brings the number of U.S. service members killed in Iraq to 2,000.

This 2,000th death is what many in the MSM and the anti-war crowd have been waiting for the last few days. I'm not sure why. What makes the 2,000th death anymore significant then the previous 1,999? Oh yeah, it is just another chance to talk about the body count of U.S. service personnel. Another reason to have anti-war commentary on the MSM news shows. Another reason for op-eds to debate the WMD "lie" or ask if Iraqi's are really better off without Saddam, or wonder if Saddam really supported terrorism. Another reason for Cindy Sheehan to get back in the news, whom as I write this, after hearing of the 2,000 mark being reached, has planned to lie down in front of the White House simulating a dead soldier in protest of the Iraq war.

It is terrible that it is not a chance to console the family of Sgt. Alexander and the families of the previous 1,999 soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines that have fallen in the service of their country. Terrible that it is not a chance to thank the brave men and women that are serving and sacrificing for this great country. Terrible that Bush Derangement Syndrome has caused those in the media and anti-war left to treat a death, any death, so callously with the bestowal of such an inauspicious milestone as that of the 2,000th death.

Reluctantly the MSM has had to report a wonderful milestone that was reached today with the passing of the Iraqi constitution. Happily, they get to temper that great news with the exploitation of the number 2,000. Not much, if any, mention will be made of the other wonderful milestones that have been reached nor any debate of the positive effects taking place as a result of the war in Iraq and the broader war on terror. This is truly a travesty.

The MSM and others should take the advice of Lt. Col. Steve Boylan and "celebrate the daily milestones, the accomplishments they have secured and look to the future of a free and democratic Iraq and to the day that all of our troops return home to the heroes welcome they deserve."

My sincerest condolences to the family of Staff Sgt. George Alexander, may he be remembered for the brave self-sacrificing hero that he truly was and not for the number 2000.

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