Saturday, October 29, 2005

Evil Evangelicals

Thursday I posted a small piece on former Republican Senator John Danforth’s speech at the Bill Clinton School of Public Service. During that speech he asserted that evangelical Christians and the political influence that they possessed were hurting the Republican Party and dividing the country. In addition, since Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court democrats have employed fear-mongering politics. They have been screaming to anyone that will listen that President Bush succumbed to pressure from the radical Christian right by allowing the Harriet Miers’ ship to sink.

The demonizing of Bush’s capitulation on the Miers nomination once again shows that the hypocrisy of the democrats knows no bounds. Many of the same democrats that are criticizing Bush for not resisting the right-wing of his party today were, up to a couple of days ago, criticizing him for nominating Miers in the first place. Of course this flip-flop comes as no surprise to anyone as this is the standard modus operandi for democrats.

Evangelical Christians have long been characterized as part of the extreme right-wing and a target of scorn by the left-wing. This has been exacerbated since they have been credited with Bush’s victory in 2004. The shock of the overwhelming rejection of John Kerry led the left-wing to assert that evangelical Christians staged a coup of sorts by turning out in droves to ensure Bush’s re-election and essentially stole an imminent Kerry victory. This caused several prominent democratic leaders to hold an emergency meeting to determine the reason for their defeat. The conclusion reached was that it was basically due to ignorance. Nancy Pelosi came to the realization that they, the democrats, just had to do a better job of educating “these people“. Of course she was talking about the mindless minions of the Christian right that have yet to be enlightened.

I have never bought into the notion that evangelical Christians ushered George Bush to victory in ‘04. That could be because my definition of what constitutes an evangelical Christian may be different than that of others. Webster defines evangelical as:

1: of, relating to, or being in agreement with the Christian gospel especially as it is presented in the four Gospels
2: Protestant

This definition is not what comes to my mind when I hear the term evangelical Christian and in my judgment it is not the definition used by the left-wing or MSM. When I think of this term the image that comes to mind is that of a devout believer that bases all aspects of their life on their Christian faith not just someone that is protestant or in agreement with the Christian gospel.

Democrats and members of the MSM basically conjure up the same image when they hear that term. The difference is they believe or at least pretend to believe that these evangelical Christians have some kind of control over the ignorant and are poised to goosestep down Pennsylvania Avenue to usher in a regime of Christian Fundamental Fascism. This is the myth that they perpetuate when using their fear-mongering tactics. They attempt to convince the American people that President Bush and the Republican Party are vessels in which the Christian right can facilitate their coup and institute their fascist theocratic rule over all Americans. This is absolute nonsense. Of course there are those extremist Christians on the right wing that fit this profile but they are the exception not the rule.

What some on the left refuse to believe is that they were rejected by heartland America. Eight years of Clinton, convinced that Bush stole the election in 2000, and with firm control of the MSM they believed ‘04 was going to be a landslide victory. The left was suffering from delusions of grandeur. These delusions were partly a result of hearing the, far from fair and balanced, MSM excessively broadcast their propaganda. Another reason for the delusion is that they consider themselves the party of the people. Touting rights to privacy, multiculturalism, universal health care, entitlements, and the institution of a nanny state to assist in child rearing. It had to be the evil, intolerant, pro-life, rascist, and homophobic evangelical Christians with their control of the mindless masses that defeated them.

Another conspiracy theory can be laid to rest. It was not evangelical Christians, as I define them, that rejected the democrats and assured Bush another four years. It was “Joe Six-pack”, the hard working husbands and mothers of all faiths, and varying levels of participation in that faith, that rejected the democrats in ‘04. These people are not ignorant, mindless, and not controlled by evangelical Christians. They can clearly see that the policies the left are pursuing are nothing more than those of the utopian socialist society.

Evangelical Christians are not dividing the country and the perceived division of America is vastly exaggerated. It is the left that is attempting to divide America with their intention of eraditcating Christianity and the inherently American culture. The left continues to attack Christianity to sustain the right wing Christian takeover conspiracy in an attempt to divide republican support. Apparently the democrats are incapable of learning a lesson. Their attacks will continue to galvanize the average American against them in spite of recent republican setbacks. They will come together not because they are overly religious or overly Christian but because they reject the notion of a God less, immoral, socialist state.

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