Thursday, October 27, 2005

Perpetual Flip-Flopping

I read this today from Brit Hume's Political Grapevine. John Kerry gave a speech recently in which he attacked President Bush and his Administration in the handling of the Iraq War. In one part of the speech he points out how wrong it was that the Administration essentially ignored former Army Chief of Staff General Eric Shineski when he stated that more troops were needed in Iraq. Apparently forgetting what he had just said, later in the speech he stated that the insurgency will not be defeated until U.S. troop levels are drawn down, agreeing with General George Casey's belief that our large troop level "feeds the notion of occupation."

Now Kerry apparently has a plan for Iraq, albeit too late to be elected president. I believe the appropriate name for this obviously well thought out policy should be the Hokie-Pokie Iraq plan. Think about how advantageous this plan could have been for Kerry. He could have stationed a division of troops on a border, any border with Iraq. When critics claim that there are not enough troops in Iraq he could have ordered them to put one foot in. When they complain of no exit strategy he could have simply ordered one foot out. Too bad he did not think of this in '04. Maybe in the spirit of bipartisanship Bush should adopt the Kerry Hokie-Pokie plan. Absolutely brilliant!

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