Sunday, October 23, 2005

Winds of Change in Poland

The very fact that this story was even released by the AP is amazing enough, but you had better read it quickly because it will surely be swept under the mainstream media rug after this weekend.

There is a monumental run-off election taking place in Poland today, the results of which I have not been able to determine at this time. The election will put the final nails in the coffin of former communists that have been running the government of Poland.

Former Warsaw mayor Lech Kaczynski and lawmaker Donald Tusk are the two candidates involved in today's run-off election for President. Both candidates promise to bring sweeping changes to Poland's economy and welfare state. With one candidate endorsing a flat tax rate and the other wanting higher earners to pay more but endorsing large family deductions it looks a lot like a battle that would take place in this country between Republicans and Democrats. One glaring difference in the campaign that you would not find in America today is that Kaczynski endorses Roman Catholic values, a sentiment that would certainly send the loonie left in America into convulsions.

There is no mention in the article about either candidates' feelings toward America, but Poland has been a strong ally of ours since Ronald Reagan helped secure their freedom from the Soviets and it is likely that will remain the case. The article does mention that both campaigns have hinted that Polands 1500 troops could remain in Iraq, a reversal from the outgoing administrations' pledge to withdraw these troops sometime early next year.

As the article states in conclusion it does not seem to matter much which candidate wins. Both promise sweeping changes in Poland that will greatly improve their economy, strengthen their membership status in the European Union and rid the country once and for all of communist influence.

The socialist leaning American media will certainly not enjoy this news of a European country endeavoring to establish such a captilalistic model of government nor enjoy the success of either candidate bringing such sweeping changes.

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