Sunday, November 27, 2005

Quote of the Week

"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good."

George Washington

Just the Facts

Below is a link to a report, from the Brookings Institution, on Iraq. It is lengthy and objective. Read it and decide for yourselves if anything is being accomplished over there.

America the Dangerous, UK the Safe?

Not likely to read this on the front page of the Washington Post, isn't America supposed to be a dangerous place because we are all gun-toting rubes? Well, that is what the anti-gun press wants you to think. See what the U.N. found:,,2-1786945,00.html

The Message We Are Sending

Want to know what one of our allies thinks of our ability to commit to and win a sustained war? Well, here is what one Japanese mayor had to say. If you ask me, we are sending the wrong message.

Monday, November 21, 2005

A Politically Incorrect Thanksgiving

I, like Mr. Rowe, will also be embarking on a Thanksgiving journey. I will be heading to South Carolina to be with family. I will be spending the early mornings of my vacation in a duck blind, exercising my rights in gun ownership and harvesting nature's bounty. Ducks, now how is that for free-range organic? On Thanksgiving day I will sit at a table and pray, giving thanks for all the good things that have been bestowed upon me. That's right, I said pray-to God. I and my family will then partake in a grand feast, which will likely include more than one kind of meat. At the conclusion of this feast I will likely find myself sitting in front of a TV watching some football. I find pleasure in something as pedestrian as sports, especially violent sports with hot, scantily clad cheerleaders jumping around on the sidelines. During the game I will, no doubt, listen to my 88 year-old grandfather tell stories about World War Two. I will not judge his actions and criminalize his participation in war on the basis moral relativism. I will sit quietly, listen and feel great pride in the way my grandfather served his country in a war of good vs. evil.

So there you have it. Hopefully you and the majority of Americans have, and will always have, a similar Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving epitomizes all that is American; I wonder how long it will take before somebody tries to turn it into something else.

Thanksgiving Trip

Contrary to popular left-wing rhetoric the economy is still doing well and my consumer confidence is still high. Therefore, I am hitting the road tonight for the great Mid-west for a long Thanksgiving vacation. So posting will be light for the next few days as I do my part for the economy and oil company profits.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Quote of the Week

"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."

Thomas Jefferson

Friday, November 18, 2005

What If We Surrendered?

With all the talk on the Left of the U.S. needing to pull out and give up in Iraq, I could not help but to think about our nation's and the world's history when it has come to wars past. I hear that number 2,000 thrown around and think about that many young Americans killed and that many who will have died in vain if we withdraw. Once again, I think about our history, specifically World War Two.

Now, let me first say that at one level no two wars are alike, but at a more primal level all wars are alike. They are alike in that they ultimately amount to a war of will, of fortitude, of resolve and of values. We are approximately two years and eight months into the war in Iraq. With this has come substantial loss of life and limb, as well as the sacrifice of a few on the homefront. World War Two lasted approximately three and a half years at a cost of around 300,000 American lives. The loss of life during this war is incomprehensible by those of us who do not remember it. The homefront was making monumental sacrifices from ration lines, to women entering the industrial work force, to air raid drills, to U-Boat attacks on shipping off our shores. After pondering this, I thought to myself what if we had just quit? What if we had given up two years and eight months into this war? Well, lets take a look.

World War Two was by no means close to being over and the loss of life was continuing on a mass scale two years and eight months into it. August 15, 1944 marks the beginning of Operation Dragoon to liberate southern France. You will recall the D-Day invasion(Operation Overlord) was only nine weeks prior to this date. America alone lost about 3,000 fighting men on that day in June. On August 25, 1944 Paris was liberated. On September 13, 1944 American troops reached the Siegfried Line. The infamous Operation Market Garden began shortly thereafter. During this operation the U.S. 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions lost a total of 3,600 men. The total Allied casualties, including wounded and downed aircrew, exceeded 17,000. On October, 21 1944 there was a massive surrender of Germans at Aachen. On December 17, 1944 the Waffen SS murdered 81 U.S. P.O.W.s. From December 16 through December 27 the Battle of the Bulge took place. Over 600,000 Americans fought in this and 19,000 gave their lives. On February 14 and 15, 1945 Dresden was destroyed by allied fire bombs. On March 7 of this year the Allies took Cologne and crossed the Rhine. In April of 1945 Buchenwald and Dachau concentration camps were liberated by the Allies. May 7, 1945 brought the unconditional German surrender and the next day was marked as V.E. Day. And all this was just in the European Theatre.

In the Pacific the U.S. had just captured the Mariana Islands. In October of 1944 the naval battle at Leyte Gulf began and involved 60 Japanese naval vessels. It was during this battle that the Japanese first used suicide bombers called "kamikaze". Fast forward to April of 1945, while things were winding down in Europe they were still quite hot in the Pacific. From April until June of 1945, in the fight for Okinawa, Japanese suicide bombers sunk 30 U.S. ships and close to 80,000 U.S. servicemen died fighting for Okinawa. In July of 1945 the Philippines were re-taken by MacArthur at a cost of 60,000 U.S. servicemen. After sending 1,000 bombers into Japan beginning on July 10 of this year, the decision was made to drop the big ones. Japan unconditionally surrendered on August 14, 1945.

I rehash this history not to make a comparison of numbers of lives lost, but to demonstrate two points. The first is that it is painfully obvious that two years and eight months into WWII was no time to quit. The going had gotten tough and was going to get tougher, tougher than anything our nation has witnessed or will witness in Iraq. It was a pivotal time. If we had quit all those who died in the first two years and eight months would have died in vain and the world would have been in the hands of evil tyrants. The world as we know it today would not exist.

My second point is that Iraq is a small scale conflict. It is not WWII. Now, by saying this I am not downplaying the sacrifice and loss of life there, but I am criticizing the lack of fortitude to finish the job by many in our country. While it is not a war on the scale of WWII, the stakes are ultimately just as high in regard to the outcome.

I think about how the Left is constantly whining about it "not being worth it", about how people's lives are being lost in vain. Given our situation two years and eight months into WWII it would have been hard not to wonder if it was all in vain, if it was "worth it". None-the-less the American populace and its leaders continued to push forward. We tolerated the sacrifice because we were focused on the greater good. Now we lack the fortitude to make the sacrifices needed to win. Why this is is a topic for another post but I will close by saying now is not the time to stop fighting for the greater good and I thank God we are not faced with a trial as great as fighting WWII again today.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Democrat Calls for Surrender

Another democrat gave an impassioned tearful plea today. Rep. John Murtha (D-PA)is calling for the surrender of U.S. forces in Iraq. Stating that "our military is suffering, the future of our country is at risk. We cannot continue on the present course. It is evident that continued military action in Iraq is not in the best interests of the United States of America, the Iraqi people or the Persian Gulf region." As he chocked back tears he predicted that we could complete the surrender and the troops could be pulled out in six months.

Murtha once considered a hawkish democrat is a Vietnam veteran. He served as a Marine intelligence officer. Other than asserting that he is disappointed that the Iraq war is not going "as advertised", in the AP report he does not give any other reasons for the urgent need for surrender. The report does state that when Murtha speaks people on Capitol Hill consider him to be speaking for the troops. The report does not, however explain why there has not been mass surrenders or why there have not been units refusing to fight.

What the hell is this guy talking about? Of course this idiotic resolution will be, if it has not already, overwhelmingly defeated. Do the democrats really believe that the best thing for this country and Iraq is for our troops to pull out now?

The democrats are not completely blind. They also have more information than what is dispensed through the MSM. They know that great strides have been made in Iraq both militarily and politically. When the cat gets out of the bag to the American people they know they are screwed. The only way to avert complete disgrace for fighting the President every step of the way on the war on terror is to try and convince the American people that the Iraq war was for nothing. That Saddam was never a threat to the U.S. and that Bush lied about intelligence. Of course neither of those assertions are true and they know it, but democrats have never let the truth get in the way of their agenda.

The democrats are in a corner and even though they know they are wrong they believe they have to take this course of action in a desperate attempt to take back control of Congress. Once in control of Congress it does not matter how Iraq turns out. If it is a success then they claim they got the war on the right track when they took over. If they decide to cut and run because that is what their left-wing loonie base wants them to do, then it was Bush that got us into this mess and his fault that Iraq is in the middle of murderous civil war. Furthermore, the fact that Iran came in on the side of Shiites won the civil war and has now established the largest, richest, terrorist supporting Islamic state in the world is also all Bush's fault.

As a result of Bush's blundering and in light of the aftermath of said blundering the democrats state that we have no option but to negotiate with this new terrorist regime. Because this Islamic country with its vast resources has started to stockpile nuclear and biological weapons we have been forced to re-adopt the MAD (mutually assured destruction) doctrine of the Cold War pre-Reagan years. I could go on with this but I digress.

How is that for a conspiracy theory? This has to be the plan because I find it extremely difficult to think that these democrats actually believe what they are saying.

(this post was meant to be paritally factual, partially satirical, partially prophetic. You decide which is which)

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Senate Proposals for Iraq II

It seems I was right yesterday when I said that no matter what proposal the Senate passed the democrats would claim victory. Even though their measure was defeated the Senate passed a watered down republican version of that proposal. It did not take long for the democrats to start touting this as a republican revolt against the President.

Of course I do not believe this is the case. Even though the timing was incredibly lousy with the President being out of the country, as I stated yesterday I believe that the republicans in the Senate had to do something to counter the democrats. I also agree with Bill Kristol when he says that no matter what the senate republicans do they will not be able to completely seperate themselves from Bush and the war, but I still believe they had to show some concern over the progress of the war and water down the rhetoric of the democrat proposal.

A lot of conservatives, especially those in the blogoshpere, are extremely mad at congressional republicans for various reasons. I am mad at them too, for various reasons. The one reason in the forefront right now is their inadequate defense of the war in Iraq. However, I am tempering that anger with the fact that it has taken the Bush Administration so long to answer democrat attacks.

Some of the more conservative republicans have done a pretty good job today of deflecting the democrat claim of republican rebellion. Their claim is that the provision passed is simply asking the President for updates and hoping that 2006 can be a transition year in Iraq. On the first part of that provision I could not agree more. If you have read my posts you know that I am a strong proponent of weekly news conferences on the state of the war. If the President had been doing this or at least something similar to this, that part of the provision would not have been needed. In fact the provision itself would never have been needed because I believe that if the American people were getting the whole story coming out of Iraq public support would be overwhelming.

I am mad about the provision calling for 2006 to be a transition year. Democrats may not care or may even be hoping for our defeat in Iraq but republicans should know better than to even hint that our resolve in waning by naming the upcoming year one of transition. You do not have to be a linguistics expert to know that statement is not all that different then the democrat cut and run statement.

Back to the defense, albeit reluctant defense, of congressional republicans. Even though they will never be able to seperate themselves from Bush and the war as stated before I believe they had to do something. They had to do it just in case Bush drops the ball and suddenly becomes content to take democrat attacks and discontinues his new offensive. I am optimistic that this is not going to happen this time but you can understand why some republican lawmakers are a little gun shy. If this does indeed happen at least some of them may be able to hold their seats by showing they were concerned about the conduct of the war.

The President and congressional republicans can easily make all of this better. The republicans did what they had to do politically at this juncture. All that has to happen now is for Bush to continue and broaden his offensive. Give those updates coming out of Iraq especially since there are more positives then the media and democrats will admit. Once these positive accomplishments are getting out the republicans can feel more confident about vigorously supporting the president and beating back the democrat rhetoric.

I am sure most of you reading this are saying that the congressional republicans should have been vigorously supporting the President already. What would you do in their situation? We talk about weak leadership in the House and Senate but you have to admit that the leadership coming from the White House over the last few months has been lacking to non-existent. Thankfully the President is starting to change all of that. Bush seems to be returning to that strong leader we elected. He can continue that trend by coming back to America fired up, ready to whip congressional republicans into line and ready to whip up on democrat defeatists.

Update: President Bush made some great statements from Japan regarding this issue. Capatains Quarters has the strory here...

Fed up with Liberal Hypocrisy

I guess I am a little late on this but I am finally fed up. Fed up because once again today I read an editorial with some liberal whining about President Bush politicizing Veteran's Day with his speech. Liberal hypocrisy at its best. I find it laughable that liberals show indignation over what they claim is the President denigrating Veteran's Day by playing politics. What they are really indignant about is the President is no longer acting like a punching bag and he shoved their hypocrisy right back in their face.

Since when has Veteran's Day become such a hallowed holiday for liberals. News tip it never has been. The liberal contempt for the military has always been obvious. Bush honored and thanked all veterans that day. Importantly, he honored those veterans and active duty troops that have or, are currently participating in the War on Terror by delivering that speech. Sure it was a speech defending himself and his policies but more importantly it was a speech defending the troops engaged in this war.

How disheartening it must be for our troops to constantly hear the democrats shouting into any camera they can get in front of that the war was a mistake based on lies and that it was a failure because no WMD's were found. The war was not based on lies, that myth has already been debunked and the current rehashing of that myth is currently being debunked again, finally, by the President. The war is about much more than WMDs and always has been. There are numerous reasons why we went to war. Good reasons.

The success or failure of this war was never based on finding WMDs, part of the success was preventing their use by Saddam either on his own people or his providing these weapons to terrorists. Even though no major stockpiles were found it has been clearly shown that Saddam had the resources to reconstitute his programs. Can anyone seriously doubt that Saddam would not have restarted his WMD programs? Could anyone seriously doubt that he would have provided said WMDs to terrorists? If you are a doubter than there is no hope, you are blinded to reality and history.

Another key ingredient to success was the removal of Saddam's regime and fostering a chance at democracy for the Iraqi people. Well Saddam is gone and there have been two successful elections in Iraq with a third on the horizon.

Bush's speech on Veteran's Day was far from a denigration of that day that we thank our defenders of freedom. To the contrary, it was a great tribute to those defenders both past and present showing a refusal to run away when things get tough politically and militarily. To continue that tribute the President must show the American people the fruits of our troops labor. He must shout the accomplishments of our troops and the progress we have made in Iraq.

Medical News from India

There is a story coming from India today that is a stunning endorsement for state-run health care. You must go and read for yourself here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back to Texas

Just in case you were worried about lack of news stories over the Thanksgiving holiday worry no more. Cindy "I'm a raving lunatic" Sheehan has promised to follow President Bush to Crawford over the Thanksgiving break. One of the more interesting activities of next week will be a Thanksgiving dinner of Iraqi food. I guess that is some kind of attempt to show solidarity with the "freedom fighters", aka terrorists, fighting our troops in Iraq.

What promises to be even more interesting is since Cindy and the rest of the moonbats left Crawford this summer the county has passed several ordinances hoping to avoid the media freakshow of last August. The ordinances include a parking ban on roads, a ban on camping in any county ditch, and a ban on portable toilets in any ditch. Who would of thought you would have to pass an ordinance against camping in ditches? Anyway if you get tired of talking to family members or if you do not like football just turn on the news for a little entertainment. Maybe Ralph Nadar, Jesse Jackson and their new found buddy Terrell Owens will show up for another photo op.

Continuing the Offensive

There is a small post on PowerLine about Ken Mehlman talking with bloggers today. Mr. Mehlman speaks of a web video that is on the website. This is a great video that coincides with President Bush's campaign to counter the democrats revisionism on the Iraq War.

As good as the video is Paul Mirengoff is right when he says that it is going to take much more to counter democrat attacks, especially when he states that an unrelenting counter-campaign is what is needed.

The counter by the Bush Administration in regards to democrat claims of manipulating intelligence in the run-up to the war has so far been great. The unrelenting counter-campaign seriously needs to include much more. The Administration does not need to let up after the democrats have been thouroughly rebutted on the intelligence issue. In conjunction with debunking the issue of intelligence manipulation the Administration needs to hammer home the accomplishments we have made in Iraq.

So far I am optimistic about Bush's offensive. I just hope it continues and broadens. If it wanes I hope the conservative base becomes as passionate about this issue as they were over a Supreme Court nomination.

Senate Proposals for Iraq

According to an AP story the Senate is preparing to vote on a couple of proposals today that are meant to tell President Bush what they believe America's policies on Iraq should be. There are two proposals one Republican and one Democrat, whichever wins out will be added to a defense bill. Both proposals are nearly identical differentiated only by small language changes.

Both proposals "call for, but do not require, the Bush Administration to explain to Congress and the American people its strategy for the successful completion of the mission in Iraq." It also wants the Administration to provide updates every three months on operations in Iraq until all combat units are withdrawn. According to the report a "major difference in the two versions is that the Democratic proposal calls for the President to outline a "campaign plan with estimated dates for the phased redeployment" of U.S. troops." The Republican proposal has deleted the Democratic provision of a timetable for withdrawal.

Both proposals also have provisions allowing Guantanamo Bay detainees to appeal military tribunal hearings in federal courts. They would also give detainees with certain sentences an automatic appeal in the federal courts and would allow the 500 detainees to "appeal the procedure under which they were labeled "enemy combatants"."

Of course this is political posturing at its best due to the upcoming 2006 elections. As the report states the democrats are trying to capitalize on spiraling poll numbers in regards to the Iraq War. The Republicans in the Senate are running scared and cannot allow Democrats to gain the upper hand in terms of concern about the conduct of the war. All of this just goes to further the erroneous assertion that Bush is mishandling the war.

The provision calling for an explanation of the strategy "for the successful completion of the mission" is just rehashing the democrat argument that Bush has no plan for the war. How many times does he have to say it? The plan is simple, we will provide security in Iraq until that country has a government firmly in place and the Iraqi security forces can take over the defense of their nation. Point, period, end of paragraph.

To be quite honest, I do not know what to say about the provision that would allow the detainees to flood our federal courts with hearings and appeals other than it is ludicrous.

I do believe that this could have been avoided if the Bush Administration had not waited so long to rebutt democrat attacks. One provision I have no problem with are the three month updates. This is something that should have been happening all along and could have been accomplished with frequent press conferences. The mistake Bush has made in handling the Iraq War is not having a campaign style support system on the home front. Bush has started to rectify this problem by coming out swinging this week and countering the manipulation of intelligence claim put forth by democrats. He needs to go further and start showing the American people the accomplishments we have made in Iraq.

Democrats are trying to sneak their way into any successes in Iraq that may occur in 2006 that allow for a troop reduction. It matters not which proposal passes either one only helps the democrats. Republican lawmakers are only doing what they think they have to do for their political survival. It will be up to Bush to marginalize these proposals as unnecessary.

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Update: The democrat proposal was defeated 58-40 and the republican measure passed 79-19. The senators upheld military tribunals at Guantanmo Bay but will allow them to appeal their sentences and status as enemy combatants in federal courts.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Political Hack of the Week

There is a tie in the political hack of the week contest. This week I thought it was only fitting that these two hacks share the award, especially since they are both winning it for the same reason.

With no further ado this week's winners are none other than Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nadar. Nadar was in the lead for the award until Jackson, not scheduled for any anti-war protests or pro-socialist state visits, saw an opportunity to get in front of a television camera. Usually horning in on some other washed up hack's air time would win this award for you straight away, but I felt Nadar deserved at least co-winner status since he started this nonsense.

Of course they are winning this award for coming to the defense of a spoiled multi-millionaire look at me attention junkie. That spoiled brat being Terrell Owens wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. For those not familiar he was suspended for four games and will be inactive for the remainder of the season pending the outcome of an arbitration hearing on Friday. He was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. Basically, he was talking down the organization that is employing him as well as fellow employees. He was causing discord throughout the organization and showed absolute contempt for his coach through words and deeds. Owens had been warned several times about this kind of conduct, so this was in no way a first offense.

Well Jesse and Ralphie are upset about how unfairly Mr. Owens is being treated. Now bear in mind, once the suspension is over Owens goes back to getting paid. Getting paid for nothing. Both Jackson and Nadar believe this is a free speech issue. If you agree try going to work tomorrow and walk into your boss' office and tell him that neither he nor the organization have any class. Then go throughout your workplace and talk bad about your fellow employees. Just cause a major, nonviolent please, disruption throughout the day and see what happens. When you get suspended or fired be sure to write Mr. Jackson and Mr. Nadar to come defend your freedom of speech rights. However, if you are not a celebrity and cannot guarentee news cameras at your public apology I would not count on them showing up. I would also not recommend this unless you are getting paid millions of dollars a year and afford to take a vacation until next August.

November 14, 1982

On November 14,1982 Lech Walesa was released after an 11 month internment near the Soviet border. Walesa a shipyard electrician helped start the labor union movement in the Soviet controlled country of Poland. Fired from his job at the Gdansk shipyard for being a labor agitator he later joined his former colleagues in 1980 as they went on strike to protest an increase in food prices. He was quickly elected strike leader and the demands of the strikers were soon met.

Walesa did not stop with this one victory he continued the struggle and organized additional strikes which eventually led the Polish government to legalize trade unionism and to grant larger freedoms of religious and political expression. As a result Solidarity was formed as a national federation of unions. Under Walesa's leadership this group's political influence multiplied expontentially becoming a threat to the Polish government.

In December 1981 maritial law was declared in Poland. The Solidarity movement was outlawed and Walesa was arrested. Walesa was eventually released in 1982 but Solidarity remained illegal. Walesa did not give in, instead he continued to lead the Solidarity movement from underground. As a result of continued pressure from Solidarity and continuing economic hardships a new wave of strikes erupted in 1988. The Polish government was forced to negotiate and in April 1989 Solidarity was legalized and allowed to participate in government. By September there was a Solidarity led government and in 1990 Walesa was overwhelmingly elected President in Poland's first direct presidential election.

A simple shipyard electrician, with the help of Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan, helped to defeat communism from within, thus freeing millions in eastern europe. November 14, 1982 a date from the Cold War worthy of rememberance.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A True American Hero

As this Veteran’s Day weekend draws to a close I wanted to post this column about Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta. Although his story has been by and large ignored by the MSM many of those that frequent the blogs have read the story of this brave American hero. I am going to tell this story again not only as a tribute to all veterans of all wars but also because his story is significant to events that are taking place in the world today. We are also rapidly approaching the first anniversary of Sgt. Peralta’s death during the Battle of Fallujah.

On November 15, 2004 Sgt. Peralta was with the men of the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines. That day just like every day for the previous week these men were going house to house battling terrorists in order to secure the city of Fallujah. Sgt. Peralta and his squad entered their fourth house that morning to begin clearing it when they found a locked door. Sgt. Peralta opened the closed door and was immediately engaged by three terrorists armed with AK-47 submachine guns. Sgt. Peralta received several gunshot wounds at extremely close range and went down.

Members of his squad stepped over the wounded Sergeant and began engaging the enemy. During the firefight a homemade grenade was thrown into the room of Marines. The grenade landed close to Sgt. Peralta, unhesitant he grabbed the grenade and clutched it to his abdomen absorbing most of the blast and in making the ultimate sacrifice saved the lives of the Marines in his squad.

Sgt. Rafael Peralta did not have to enter that house. He was a platoon scout not assigned to that assault team. He volunteered to go. Sgt. Peralta was a 25 year old Mexican immigrant that received his citizenship while in the Marine Corps. It is reported that there were only three items hanging on Sgt. Peralta’s bedroom walls in his parent’s home. A copy of the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and his boot camp graduation certificate.

This story goes far beyond that of his heroics on that fateful day in Fallujah. Sgt. Peralta may have been native to Mexico but he lived in America, he worked for and received his citizenship, and he was proud to be an American.

While we fight the much needed battle of illegal immigration in this country we would be wise to continue to facilitate the legal immigration of those that wish to make a better life for themselves and a better country for us all. With the exception of Native Americans we are all immigrants. It matters not whether we are first generation, second generation or if our ancestors came over on the Mayflower. We are all Americans now.

From these groups of immigrants America has developed a distinct culture. There are many in this country now that are at war with this culture. In the name of political correctness and multiculturalism they wish for us to suppress our culture so as not to offend any foreign people or recent immigrants. Certainly there is still racism, discrimination, and insensitivity in this country by some against immigrants just as to some degree there always has been. However, generation after generation of immigrants have been accepted into our culture. Each generation before accepting the generation after, not asking those that come to forget their culture but only asking that they accept and assimilate to our culture as Americans.

No doubt Sgt. Peralta and his family came to this country for a better way of life. Obviously, Sgt. Peralta saw America as a great nation and not only wanted to be a member of but also wanted to serve that nation. There are countless stories like that of Sgt. Peralta’s throughout the history of this country. Sgt. Peralta is an American hero in the truest sense of the term. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and your example.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Quote of the Week

"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

George Orwell

Friday, November 11, 2005

Pat Robertson's Irresponsible Statement

I detest left-wing attacks on Christianity. I also detest ignorant statements that serve nothing but to perpetuate stereotypes of certain groups.

We on the right constantly deride the left-wing, especially the MSM, for not calling out members that do not report responsibly or make outlandish statements. I cannot believe that most of those bloggers that I read daily could possibly agree with the irresponsible statement Pat Robertson made today. So far I have not seen anything written about the subject, but in all fairness the President's speech has taken center stage today, and rightly so. I also got a late start tonight so it is possible I have missed a thing or two in the blogoshpere.

Anyway I am officially calling him out. That statement was totally irresponsible, irrational, and insensitive and it only goes to perpetuate the thought on the left that all religions, especially Christianity, are intolerant. To quote another that consistently makes outlandish statements it seems Mr. Robertson is "suffering from diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain." He defends himself by saying that he was merely pointing out that there are consequences for our spiritual actions. Given some thought I am sure he could have made this point in a much better way.

Bush's Offensive

President Bush gave a great speech at the Tobyhanna Army Depot in Pennsylvania today. Apparently, this is the first stage of the “offensive” the Administration is undergoing in an attempt to rebut attacks from the Democrats. All I can say is that it is about time. In the last couple of weeks since the high-jacking of the Senate and the Democrats renewed their slogan “Bush lied, kids died”, many on the right have been wondering why Bush has been content to sit back and take the beating. Of course many others, myself included, have been wondering this for quite awhile. I have written about the lack of rebuttal coming from the Bush Administration many times over the last few months.

On Tuesday the Administration told us of the impending “offensive” and we have waited with much anticipation. As stated earlier it was a great speech and a good start. As I have written before speeches at military installations or in front of veteran’s groups once a month is not going to suffice. I hope that this is truly a beginning and that a broader offensive is on the horizon. An offensive that will sustain itself for the duration of Bush’s Administration and the War on Terror. The Administration needs to go further in refuting the Democrat’s assertions of manipulating intelligence. Most importantly Bush needs to get the good news and accomplishments about Iraq and the War on Terror out to the public.

A good place to start, I believe, would be a weekly news conference. The media obviously does not support the war and they are not going to report any accomplishments. In fact they are not going to report anything in which they cannot insert a coalition body count. We are in a state of war and weekly news conferences would certainly be justified especially in light of the misinformation being spread by the MSM and the Democrats. Of course there needs to be more speeches, not just by Bush but also by military leaders, specifically those with boots on the ground. These are just a couple of things that need to happen, it remains to be seen what will actually happen.

Whatever route the Administration takes is fine with me as long as it abandons the turn the other cheek strategy it has employed for so long. This is not a necessity for Bush, he is done in three years. This is something that has to be done for the good of the country, for the good of the Republican Party, and most of all, most importantly of all, it absolutely has to be done for the men and women engaged in this war. If to no one else President Bush owes it to the troops to get off the mat and come out swinging and get this country behind the war in Iraq as, contrary to popular Democrat diatribe, it was in the beginning. This is a just war, we are there for the right reasons, Bush did not manipulate intelligence and we are winning this war. It is his duty to convey this to the American people.

The conservative base seems to be gearing up for another rally to move GOP members of Congress back toward fiscal conservatism just as they rallied for a Supreme Court nominee with a proven conservative track record. The issue of combating the Democrats on the Iraq War is no less important and if Bush fails to sustain this “offensive” then the base needs to come to the rescue again and make this priority one.

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To all the veterans we wish you a very happy Veteran's Day. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. God bless you and God bless America!

Thursday, November 10, 2005


A very special Happy Birthday wish going out to the United States Marine Corps and all those who have served and are currently serving. Thank you for kicking butts and taking names for 230 years!

A Dose of Reality

Ask yourself what truly differentiates conservatives from liberals, at the core. Do not think of it in terms of supporting this policy or that policy, but think of it on the philosophical level. What is the difference? Well, I have pondered this and here is what I have come up with.

It is all about realism versus idealism. Neither "ism" is necessarily a bad thing but either one taken to the extreme becomes problematic. A little idealism is good in that it promotes innovation and often positive change. Realism allows one to evaluate whether or not such innovation or change is practical or functional. That being said, I think the true difference is that liberalism is the result of extreme idealism while conservatism is the result of realism.

Being a realist and a pragmatist, I will explain my case in very simple terms. For example, ideally, if you pass a law outlawing handguns, criminals will turn in their weapons and violent gun crime will disappear. Then there will be no need for law abiding citizens to have guns designed for protection either. Then everybody lives happily ever after and we can all join hands and sing Kumbaya.

Now a dose of reality. You outlaw handguns and you disarm the law-abiding citizens while criminals retain their weapons. Then you create more potential victims, as people are unable to defend themselves. Gun related crime rates rise.

Ideally, if you are a law-abiding, hard-working, tax-paying citizen the government will be there to protect you in your time of need. Let's say you are a woman and some thug kicks in your door; you will call 911 and the police will immediately show up in time to prevent you from getting raped and killed. Then you can all join hands and sing Kumbaya. (You will want to include the would-be rapist too, because it is not his fault he is a criminal, it is yours because you are privileged to be a hard-working, law-abiding taxpayer while he is not).

The reality? The police show up just in time to collect evidence, your frantic 911 call makes the 11:00 news (assumng you made it to the phone) and you are dead, unless you have a gun. This is not a reflection of any incompetence on behalf of the police. Realistic thinking allows one to see they cannot possibly be everywhere all the time.

Ideally, if a man is poor and life has dealt him a few bad hands you can provide him a handout. He will then use this handout to take responsibility for his own future, even though he has never had this requirement placed upon him at any point previously in his life, and begin to work toward building a better future. He will be given whatever a guilt ridden society deems he deserves, as he has been labeled a victim. He will miraculously become a contributor, not a burden. Should this fail the first time, the solution is simple. He was given too little. Give him more and for sure he will be a success. This will be repeated across the country. All the poor will no longer be poor. All the jobs filled by immigrants will be filled by these new-to-the-workforce Americans. We can all join hands and sing Kumbaya for poverty has been eliminated.

Here is the next dose of reality. After being reminded constantly of being a victim and deserving of more, this poor man feels he is entitled to the handout he receives. He feels no obligation to give back, as he is the victim. He owes society nothing. He has been conditioned to believe that society owes him. In fact, he wants to know when and where the next handout will come from. When it comes, as it always does, he becomes dependent on it. He has never had to work for it so why should he start now? In fact, he is so convinced that society owes him, remember he is and always will be the victim, the handout is not enough. Not only is he dependent, but he is entitled to more. Society has created a burden by turning people into victims, providing handouts and, most importantly, requiring nothing in return. You, the tax-paying citizen, get to support him and all his illegitimate children.

Let's look at this real vs. ideal on the global level. Ideally, if our country dumps billions of dollars in foreign aid into the world, lets the UN dictate policy, caters to demands of extremists from various factions and refuses to use military force for any purpose, then everybody will like us. If we could just act like France then everything would be OK. In short, if we are nice then everybody will be nice to us. The world could then join hands and sing Kumbaya.

The reality is that the US will always have enemies, regardless of how nice we are. There are always groups or nations that either want what we have or want us all dead. There is a limited repertoire of solutions to these problems that do not involve being nice and expecting nice behavior in return.

I could go on with examples of the contrast between realism and idealism, but I won't. When you hear the phrase "feel good policy" it is seldom applied to conservatives. Such feel good policy is merely overly idealistic policy. It is like making a birthday wish. Idealism, put simply, is how we think the world should be, which is fine but it should not be the only driving force behind policy. If it is the only force, it fails miserably and usually creates more problems than it solves, no matter how good it makes us feel. A conservative views the world through the lens of realism. Idealism is then used to help shape such policy in the context of the reality.

So, the next time you find yourself asking what those liberals are thinking, remember they are often blinded by idealism and have no regard for the reality that constrains the possibility of that ideal becoming real. They are more about making birthday wishes than dealing in reality.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


This is an essay everyone must read. This column revisits a lot of familiar territory but it is a powerful repudiation of the Democrat mantra "Bush Lied".

Please read it here.

H/T: Matt May

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Political Hack of the Week

How could this week's political hack of the week be anyone else but Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)? This loon is akin to his colleague from New York, Senator Schumer, in the sense that at the rate these two are going they could win this award every week.

Last week's highjacking of the Senate and his dispersing of conspiracy theories about the manipulation of intelligence were enough for him to win this award alone. However, he continues this week with his recent rants in an AP article urging Bush not to pardon Libby, accusing Cheney of manipulating intelligence to sell the Iraq War and leaking information to the press to discredit White House critics. Read for yourself here.

Newsbusters has more here.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Quote of the Week

"A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them."

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Trouble in Paradise

The dominant, left-leaning, mainstream media has painted a picture of France as a perfect little socialist utopia with none of the problems the mean, ugly, capitalist U.S. has to deal with. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard comparisons between the U.S. and France with the end interpretation of the comparison being some demonstration of how much better things are in France. I am sure you have heard it too. According to the media's depiction of France, one would think that there is no such thing as poverty nor crime nor violence in France. The reality of France's much touted socialist policies, so appealing to the left-wingers in the U.S., has been largely ignored, until now.

As I watch footage of the multi-day riots going on in the Paris housing projects, I cannot help but to wonder if the media will discuss the social problems in France that have led to these riots initiated and perpetuated by poor Mulsim immigrants. Will they admit that France's socialist policies have not eliminated poverty like they are supposed to do here in the U.S., if only we could wake up and smell the coffee? Will they admit that France's lax immigration policies and lavish welfare system made available to these immigrants led to this problem? Will they admit that social and economic inequalities exist in French Utopia? Well, it looks as if these topics cannot be ignored now; the cat is out of the bag.

The riots are only the tip of the iceberg. France has been struggling with the repercussions of its socialist policies for some time. France's economy is in the proverbial toilet. The October 25th edition of "The Economist" pretty much sums it up with this statement:

"...But the country's cherished social model, characterized by heavy state involvement, a wealth tax and generous benefits for workers, has in recent years proved a strong disincentive to growth and to job creation. Unemployment is double that in Britain, and the pension system and rising health-care costs are straining the public finances..."

It is time we learned something from the French. We should ask ourselves whether we really want to follow in their footsteps.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Political Hack of the Week

Political hack of the week goes to none other than Chuck Schumer senior senator from New York. This is a guy that is sure to win this award more than once. There is nothing I can say about this man and why he wins this award better than the way Matt May has said it here.