Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back to Texas

Just in case you were worried about lack of news stories over the Thanksgiving holiday worry no more. Cindy "I'm a raving lunatic" Sheehan has promised to follow President Bush to Crawford over the Thanksgiving break. One of the more interesting activities of next week will be a Thanksgiving dinner of Iraqi food. I guess that is some kind of attempt to show solidarity with the "freedom fighters", aka terrorists, fighting our troops in Iraq.

What promises to be even more interesting is since Cindy and the rest of the moonbats left Crawford this summer the county has passed several ordinances hoping to avoid the media freakshow of last August. The ordinances include a parking ban on roads, a ban on camping in any county ditch, and a ban on portable toilets in any ditch. Who would of thought you would have to pass an ordinance against camping in ditches? Anyway if you get tired of talking to family members or if you do not like football just turn on the news for a little entertainment. Maybe Ralph Nadar, Jesse Jackson and their new found buddy Terrell Owens will show up for another photo op.

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