Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Continuing the Offensive

There is a small post on PowerLine about Ken Mehlman talking with bloggers today. Mr. Mehlman speaks of a web video that is on the GOP.com website. This is a great video that coincides with President Bush's campaign to counter the democrats revisionism on the Iraq War.

As good as the video is Paul Mirengoff is right when he says that it is going to take much more to counter democrat attacks, especially when he states that an unrelenting counter-campaign is what is needed.

The counter by the Bush Administration in regards to democrat claims of manipulating intelligence in the run-up to the war has so far been great. The unrelenting counter-campaign seriously needs to include much more. The Administration does not need to let up after the democrats have been thouroughly rebutted on the intelligence issue. In conjunction with debunking the issue of intelligence manipulation the Administration needs to hammer home the accomplishments we have made in Iraq.

So far I am optimistic about Bush's offensive. I just hope it continues and broadens. If it wanes I hope the conservative base becomes as passionate about this issue as they were over a Supreme Court nomination.

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