Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fed up with Liberal Hypocrisy

I guess I am a little late on this but I am finally fed up. Fed up because once again today I read an editorial with some liberal whining about President Bush politicizing Veteran's Day with his speech. Liberal hypocrisy at its best. I find it laughable that liberals show indignation over what they claim is the President denigrating Veteran's Day by playing politics. What they are really indignant about is the President is no longer acting like a punching bag and he shoved their hypocrisy right back in their face.

Since when has Veteran's Day become such a hallowed holiday for liberals. News tip it never has been. The liberal contempt for the military has always been obvious. Bush honored and thanked all veterans that day. Importantly, he honored those veterans and active duty troops that have or, are currently participating in the War on Terror by delivering that speech. Sure it was a speech defending himself and his policies but more importantly it was a speech defending the troops engaged in this war.

How disheartening it must be for our troops to constantly hear the democrats shouting into any camera they can get in front of that the war was a mistake based on lies and that it was a failure because no WMD's were found. The war was not based on lies, that myth has already been debunked and the current rehashing of that myth is currently being debunked again, finally, by the President. The war is about much more than WMDs and always has been. There are numerous reasons why we went to war. Good reasons.

The success or failure of this war was never based on finding WMDs, part of the success was preventing their use by Saddam either on his own people or his providing these weapons to terrorists. Even though no major stockpiles were found it has been clearly shown that Saddam had the resources to reconstitute his programs. Can anyone seriously doubt that Saddam would not have restarted his WMD programs? Could anyone seriously doubt that he would have provided said WMDs to terrorists? If you are a doubter than there is no hope, you are blinded to reality and history.

Another key ingredient to success was the removal of Saddam's regime and fostering a chance at democracy for the Iraqi people. Well Saddam is gone and there have been two successful elections in Iraq with a third on the horizon.

Bush's speech on Veteran's Day was far from a denigration of that day that we thank our defenders of freedom. To the contrary, it was a great tribute to those defenders both past and present showing a refusal to run away when things get tough politically and militarily. To continue that tribute the President must show the American people the fruits of our troops labor. He must shout the accomplishments of our troops and the progress we have made in Iraq.

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