Monday, November 14, 2005

Political Hack of the Week

There is a tie in the political hack of the week contest. This week I thought it was only fitting that these two hacks share the award, especially since they are both winning it for the same reason.

With no further ado this week's winners are none other than Jesse Jackson and Ralph Nadar. Nadar was in the lead for the award until Jackson, not scheduled for any anti-war protests or pro-socialist state visits, saw an opportunity to get in front of a television camera. Usually horning in on some other washed up hack's air time would win this award for you straight away, but I felt Nadar deserved at least co-winner status since he started this nonsense.

Of course they are winning this award for coming to the defense of a spoiled multi-millionaire look at me attention junkie. That spoiled brat being Terrell Owens wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles. For those not familiar he was suspended for four games and will be inactive for the remainder of the season pending the outcome of an arbitration hearing on Friday. He was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. Basically, he was talking down the organization that is employing him as well as fellow employees. He was causing discord throughout the organization and showed absolute contempt for his coach through words and deeds. Owens had been warned several times about this kind of conduct, so this was in no way a first offense.

Well Jesse and Ralphie are upset about how unfairly Mr. Owens is being treated. Now bear in mind, once the suspension is over Owens goes back to getting paid. Getting paid for nothing. Both Jackson and Nadar believe this is a free speech issue. If you agree try going to work tomorrow and walk into your boss' office and tell him that neither he nor the organization have any class. Then go throughout your workplace and talk bad about your fellow employees. Just cause a major, nonviolent please, disruption throughout the day and see what happens. When you get suspended or fired be sure to write Mr. Jackson and Mr. Nadar to come defend your freedom of speech rights. However, if you are not a celebrity and cannot guarentee news cameras at your public apology I would not count on them showing up. I would also not recommend this unless you are getting paid millions of dollars a year and afford to take a vacation until next August.

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