Thursday, December 08, 2005

Democrat Desperation

The Democratic Party as a whole is in complete disarray and they are desperately seeking some type of angle to put them back in control of Congress in '06. Fortunately for them the mainstream media is with them every step of the way. The problem, is that they have yet to come up with an angle other than screaming that the country has gone to hell in a handbasket and that they can do better.

I am not sure that we can believe they can do better when the chairman of their party runs away from a confrontation with the chairman of the Republican Party and then states on national television that it is not their responsibility to have a strategy or a plan right now. He suggested that we should just elect democrats in '06 and then they will reveal their plan. Well if their plan is so great why not reveal it now?

The reason there are no forthcoming revelations is because there is nothing to reveal. We do know that they want to pass their socialist agenda of raising taxes, expanding the wellfare state, and socializing medicine but these are constants in their agenda. Nothing new there, besides they would rather not talk about those plans in detail as they are highly unpopular ideas and they would merely try to sneak those measures through if they came to power.

Now it seems that their only strategy for bringing down the President and the Republican Party is unraveling. Since long before the '04 election their strategy has been to do everything in their power to tear down the President even at the expense of the American people. It is a shame that their only course of action is to preach doom and gloom.

One of these shameful acts, enthusiastically supported by the mainstream media, is their effort to sabotage the economy. The economy is incredibly strong especially when you consider we are paying for a war and we endured two major natural disasters in Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. In spite of this the only thing you hear from democrats or read in the papers is the looming crash of the economy. You could argue that they are looking out for the American people by warning them of this impending disaster if not for the fact that they have been saying this throughout the economic recovery and the economy just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Sounds alot like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Everyone should think long and hard about voting for people that are hoping for and openly working toward an economic collapse just to satisfy their sociopathic desire to ruin the President and regain control of the country.

The most prominent of these shameful acts perpetrated by the democrats and mainstream media is their unwavering desire to see us defeated in Iraq. At every turn they have loudly and publicly criticized the President for taking us to war even after the majority of them voted in favor of authorizing the use of force when it seemed politically expedient to do so. Even though they hated the President the democrats knew in the political climate of that time they had to support the War on Terrorism and on the regimes that would support terrorism just in case it was a success.

Once difficulties arose they quickly seized the opportunity to criticize the President's handling of the War. Were mistakes made? Sure mistakes have been made, name a war where mistakes have not been made. The democrats however, did not offer a plan to improve Iraq they just screamed that the President had no plan and that we should elect John Kerry and sometime after his inauguration he would produce a plan that would make everything better. Their bonecrushing defeat in '04 did not deter them from this type of strategy. Thinking that an Iraq success would just maintain the status quo of Republican control they continued with their attempts to undermine the President. They claimed that they were duped by manipulated intelligence, even though two commissions found no evidence intelligence was manipulated, so they started calling for indictments and withdrawal.

Think stating that the democrats and media are openly hoping for an American defeat in Iraq is a harsh statement? Just look back over the last couple of years. What have they done to help? If you were fighting a war of attrition and you heard politicians of the enemy government demanding a timetable for the withdrawal of their troops would you be encouraged to hold out? I am guessing you would and I am also guessing that you would infer that you were using sound tactics and would continue to place roadside bombs, detonate car bombs, and send suicide bombers to civilian markets. The democrats have been giving aid and comfort to the enemy plain and simple.

The unraveling of their strategy for winning back power began when President Bush started his offensive of challenging both the media and democrats. Since then Bush's approval rating has started to climb. Joseph Lieberman, apparently the only democrat still in touch with reality, came back from Iraq praising the accomplishments made there and stating "that our goal should be not to withdraw, but to win." Now he did not make these statements because he suddenly wants to be a republican or he now agrees with everything Bush has said or done. He made this statement because he understands the totality of the circumstances. He understands that we have to win for the Iraqi people and the security of American citizens.

Some democrats are now starting to see the error of their ways. According to a Washington Post article on the 7th some democrats are fearful of voter backlash next year for anti-war statements. It is too bad that these democrats that are now backing away from the far left and some of their party leaders are not doing it because it is the right thing for America but because it is the right thing for them. Once again I would caution against voting for any group of people that sway this much on politically favorable winds. It is one thing to disagree with an opposing parties economic policies just as it is to disagree with the war, but it is quite another to work for disaster in both arenas for political gain and at the expense of the American people.

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