Sunday, December 11, 2005

Democrats Unveil Plan for '06 and '08

The AP released a story today from the 2005 Democratic Conference being held in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The article unveils the democrat's test message for the 2006 and 2008 elections. From the opening paragraph of the article we learn that our "anxious and isolated public" is "craving" for a "sense of national community". The democrats assert that the distraught public would "galvanize behind a leader that asks people to sacrifice for the greater good."

I am having a bit of a hard time completely understanding the message. That may be because I am neither anxious nor do I feel isolated. The article goes on to quote a few of the democrats that spoke at the conference as stating that "we're losing our sense of common purpose" and "losing our sense of community". John Edwards states that "Americans don't want to feel like they are out there on an island all alone". Once again not getting it, I do not feel like I am all alone. Edwards also states "There is a hunger in America, a hunger for a sense of national community, a hunger for something big and important and inspirational that they can all be involved in".

I am not sure if the author of the article omitted what that "something" was or if Edwards just did not mention it but either way I have no idea what the "something" is with which the nation supposedly has a hunger to be involved. The author did however manager to give some credit to Sen. Hillary Clinton for inspiring the theme for the democrats from her book "It Takes a Village".

I have to admit that I feigned my ignorance to their message in the opening paragraphs of this column. Their message is obvious to me even though they are attempting to present it through a haze of smoke and mirrors. Instead of John Edwards, Howard Dean, or Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack it may as well have been Karl Marx speaking at the conference. The message is eerily similar in nature to that of Marx attempting to rally the proletariat against the bourgeoise.

When the democrats speak of community they are not thinking along the same lines as most Americans when they think of community. They are talking about a national community with very large government involvement. In their community, or common collective, they will use government control to insure individual involvement irrespective of your desires as a free individual.

One could try and draw comparisons to their new message with the one Ronald Reagan submitted to the American people 25 years ago. The democrats now, like Reagan then, want to call on the great spirit of the American people to make America great again. One difference is that contrary to what they would have you believe America is a great nation today, certainly far and away greater than in 1980. The other major difference is that while Reagan called on Americans to work harder for the betterment of the country he fostered an economy that allowed Americans to keep more of the fruits of their labor. The democrats want those capable to work harder for the betterment of the country so that the government can keep more of the fruits of their labor.

The plan sounds good, everyone likes the idea of community, friendship, and togetherness. The fallacy behind it is that they actually believe that most Americans do not have a sense of national community and desperately need something to believe in. There already is a strong sense of community in America, both national and local. One only has to look at a community after a natural disaster to see that community, as well as the national community, come together. Even in New Orleans despite all of the horrible stories coming out of that disaster there were many more stories of neighbors helping neighbors that were ignored.

The irony of the democrat's message is that if there has been an erosion in the sense of national community they, along with the far-left contingent of their party, have been fostering that erosion. At every turn Americans are hammered with multiculturalism and moral relevatism. Two movements intent on making Americans lose their identity as such and forget the morals and beliefs that make a community great. Do not be fooled. The message the democrats are sending out of Florida is the same Socialist message they have always endorsed. It is just coming wrapped in a nice little feel good package this year.

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