Saturday, December 10, 2005

DNC Responds to RNC

If you have not had a chance to see the video produced by the RNC at yet please go there now and take a look, it is well worth the time.

The DNC has now released their response to the video. The response is full of the usual rantings we have come to expect from the democrats. They are absolutely indignant that the video depicts them waving the white flag of surrender. In spite of this indignation, their response appears to endorse Rep. Jack Murtha's plan for withdrawal. Which, of course, in reality is nothing but a plan of surrender to the terrorists.

The democrats practically foam at the mouth when his plan is called one of surrender. They are quick to point out that Murtha is a decorated veteran as if that gives him some type of "moral authority" on war issues. You can call Murtha's, or any other democrat "plan" anything you want. A gradual drawdown, a re-deployment, or an "over the horizon" ready response plan. Whatever you decide to call it the plan only serves to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. It is a plan of retreat put forth only weeks away from a very important election for the Iraqis. A plan trumpeted by some in the democratic party and all in the mainstream media that serves to give the terrorists in Iraq the feeling that they are winning the war.

The DNC response also contains more claims of Iraq being a mess and that the republicans are covering up lies and corruption. They also claim that there was a "bipartisan coalition of over 70 senators" that came together on a no confidence measure. I am not sure when this happened but I am assuming they are distorting the resolution that 2006 be a transitional year. Whoever wrote this response laments, that while "no one expects everyone to agree on what the new plan should be, everyone should agree that we need a new plan."

Why do we need a new plan? Newsflash to the DNC, as much as you hate to hear it, we are winning in Iraq. There have been two successful elections and there is a third on the way. Iraqi security forces are taking on more responsibility and terrorists targeting recruiting centers are not deterring Iraqis from enlisting. Despite what Murtha states our forces are not "broken" and not living "hand to mouth". There morale is high and believe in their mission.

The Bush plan for Iraq is working and by the way, the economy is booming as well.

h/t: Power Line

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