Friday, December 16, 2005

It Hurts So Bad.

Another monumental day has passed for Iraq, the US and in the global war on terror. Another round of successful elections has taken place, only this one had a much larger Sunni turnout than the last. Not bad for an election that was held in the middle of a supposed "civil war". Not only was the election successful, but the terrorists' attempts to disrupt it were unsuccessful, due to Iraqi security forces that are much more up to the task than during the last round of elections. So what exactly does all this mean? Well, it simply means success, "measurable" success, a successful step in a "plan" for victory in Iraq. It is all those things that Democrats have been saying do not exist in the war in Iraq. Yes it is a joyous occasion for all, at least it should be.

But it is not; the contingent of the Democratic Party that hates President Bush more than they love their country felt pain, not glory, in the recent events in Iraq. They have been using Iraq to push political agendas, spread misinformation and bash the President at the cost of emboldening our enemies, weakening the fortitude of the American populace and sapping the moral of our troops. So for those few but loud individuals, this success is painful. So painful in fact that they refuse to even discuss it and, when backed into a corner, they cannot bring themselves to acknowledge that something went right in Iraq. It is evident when you turn on the TV. First of all, there is a thick silence in the world of left-wing talking heads and politicians. Those who are speaking are all of a sudden more concerned with things other than Iraq. And how about the timing of the New York Times article accusing the Bush administration of violating the Constitution by allowing surveillance of international communications by the National Security Agency? Anything, anything to deflect the public's attention from success in Iraq, that is the policy for the Democratic Party and its friends in the MSM.

Fortunately, those of us who are reasonable, rational and patriotic Americans see this event for what it really is and feel pride and hope as a result, regardless of their political affiliations. We are the backbone of the country. It is also blatantly obvious that the political ambitions and radical beliefs of many US politicians have placed them so far from the values of mainstream American that it hurts them to see a success of any kind for this country as long as President Bush is in office.

Like it or not, another success has been achieved in Iraq. This one cannot be ignored by the press. We should all be proud of our country, its leaders and most importantly the troops in Iraq and the Iraqi citizens.

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