Monday, December 19, 2005

Kudos to President Bush

In case you missed it today President Bush followed up a great speech this weekend with a great press conference today. I have to applaud the Bush Administration on their continued offensive against democrat attacks and the MSM's campaign of misinformation. For months I criticized the Bush Administration's lack of rebuttal to these attacks. Admittedly I was also quite skeptical of their resolve to continue the offensive.

Thank God my fears have been put to rest. Bush seems quite dedicated to maintaining pressure on the democrats and the MSM. Even more importantly he is doing an outstanding job of presenting the facts and counter arguments.

A case in point is the recent revelation about NSA surveillance. Six to eight months ago the administration's stance would have been not to comment on ongoing security operations or investigations. With the proverbial cat out the bag Bush has done the right thing and made his case for the importance of the surveillance operations in regards to national security. More importantly by taking this stance he has taken some of the wind out of the democrat's sails by not letting them spread rumor and innuendo about Bush's honesty.

Now the democrats have resorted to trying to spread fear of a possible civil war in Iraq before the results of the election are known and before the political process has had a chance to work. Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) responded to Bush's press conference by stating that Bush has ignored their recommendations that he "strongly" urge concessions on the Iraqi constituion. Well concessions were already made ensuring that the constitution could be amended after the December elections. So lets have some patience. Let the new parliament be seated and then they can tackle the concerns over the Iraqi constitution using the political process. The Iraqis need to learn to negotiate and compromise with themselves if they are going to have a strong democratic government.

All the democrats have to offer is doom and gloom and they are being proven wrong at every turn. They are fast painting themselves into a corner and their refusal to join the fight for victory should cost them dearly.

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