Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Iranian Problem

At last it seems that we will get to the bottom of the holocaust controversy. Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has announced that they will conduct a conference to "examine evidence for the holocaust".

Well here is a tip for the Iranian conference. Try viewing video footage shot by Allied troops as they liberated concentration camps. Then take a look at transcripts from the Nuremberg trials. If it is evidence they want to find about the holocaust it will not be hard to locate. Of course this whole conference is a complete farce. Ahmadinejad is a fanatical lunatic. A fanatical lunatic that without some sort of intervention could very well have a nuclear weapon in the not to distant future.

I wonder what the international community is going to do as the Iranian situation unfolds. It should be painfully obvious to everyone that Iran is going to proceed with their nuclear development. Anyone that thinks their nuclear ambitions are purely peaceful are delusional. My prediction is that the world will not do anything. The UN has no teeth and are virtually useless. In any event Russia and China would undermine any action taken by the UN. Much of the European Union has little stomach for anything but talk. That leaves the United States and Great Britain, which should come as no great surprise to anyone.

The Iranians are presenting quite a problem at a most inopportune time. Nevertheless, something has to be done to stop this madman from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Some dismiss Ahmadinejad's outrageous rhetoric as simply a way for him to reignite the revolutionary spirit of his people and consolidate his power. I personally think the revolutionary spirit he is trying to instill expands beyond the borders of his own country. What better way for him to be the hero of Muslims everywhere then by facilitating the nuclear destruction of Tel Aviv.

There is no way the Israelis are going to stand by and let Iran procure a nuclear weapon. With or without a healthy Ariel Sharon they are going to have to do something if no one else will. Their survival depends on it and they know that. If the Israelis attack the Iranian nuclear facilities it would likely send the Muslim world into a maniacal rage. While it is doubtful any of their neighboring countries will avenge Iran militarily it would certainly turn the diplomatic clock back. A strike from Israel is not the optimum solution.

So now we are back to the United States and Great Britain. Iran is presenting the same dilemma for us that Saddam Hussein presented. As there is little doubt that Hussein would have provided terrorists with WMD's there is no doubt Iran would do the same thing. The biggest question in the mind of the Iranian leaders with nuclear weapons and a way to deliver them would be whether to hit Washington first or Tel Aviv. All things considered regime change is probably not a realistic goal right now in Iran. At the very least airstrikes designed to take out their nuclear facilities and cripple them militarily should be on the planning table. We certainly have the military assets in the region to do the job and just as Israel cannot stand by and wait, neither can we.

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