Saturday, January 28, 2006

Murtha the Magnificent

Yesterday Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) went from just a normal defeatist democrat to prognosticator guru. Murtha predicted that U.S. troops would leave Iraq by years end due to political pressure and because of a Congressional election year. He went on to state that "we're not fighting terrorism in Iraq. We're fighting a civil war in Iraq. We've got to give them an incentive. We fought our Civil War. Let them fight their civil war."

Murtha went on to delve into the Iraqi psyche stating that many Iraqis believe that it is alright to kill Americans. Even more astonishing was his revelation that most Iraqis want us to leave. Murtha said that there was no reason that we could not do what we are doing now in Iraq from the periphery, then went on to predict "I've just come to the conclusion it's going to happen and it's just a matter of time." He later expanded on his earlier prediction of a troop withdrawal by stating that the troop level will be below 100,000 by midsummer.

Murtha did not limit his prognostications to just the Iraq War. He continued by predicting that Sen. Hillary Clinton could win the Democrat nomination for the Presidency but would lose in the general election.

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