Thursday, January 12, 2006

Political Hack(s) of the Week

Once again I have found it undeniably necessary for more than just one individual to win this week's political hack. To be quite honest I had a feeling at the beginning of the week that this would be the case. So of course without further ado, this week's political hacks are the Democrat contingent of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

They are as follows:

Sen. Patrick Leahy
Sen. Ted Kennedy
Sen. Joe Biden
Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Sen. Herbert Kohl
Sen. Russell Feingold
Sen. Charles Schumer
Sen. Dick Durbin

Political hacks one and all. Completely outmatched intellectually they have had to resort to the old liberal standby of name calling when in an argument that they cannot support by facts and cannot win. Their banshee screams of racist, sexist, close-minded, and so on are very thinly veiled by the semantics within their statements.

Apart from the mudslinging over the CAP and Vanguard non-issues their only concern is abortion. I found it very amusing when Sen. Durbin stated that Alito's 1985 statement about abortion not being guaranteed by the constituion "does not evidence an open mind. It evidences a mind that sadly is closed in some areas."

So there you go. You can only have an open mind if you agree that the constitution guarantees the right to kill the unborn. Their mindless bloviating reminds me of an outstanding Ronald Reagan quote when talking about liberals not really being liberal and the fact that "they will defend to the death only your right to agree with them."

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