Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Price of Appeasement

The recent election of the terrorist organization Hamas to lead the Palestinians seems to have taken many by surprise. I am wondering why anybody is standing around scratching their head wondering why this has happened. The answer is very simple.

Arial Sharon recently kicked his own citizens out of Gaza. They were forced to leave their homes and their homes were destroyed. A Gaza, cleansed of Israelis, was then handed to the Palestinians in hope that it would stop violent terrorist acts against Israel. It appears the Palestinians viewed it as a victory. After decades without capitulation to the demands of Palestinian terrorists like Hamas for territory in the wake of perpetual terrorist attacks, Sharon caved. He gave them what they have been asking for all along-territory cleansed of Jews. Only Sharon did not give them everything they wanted. They want more, they want Jerusalem, they want Israel to cease to exist; they want the entire region cleansed of Jews.

The Palestinians viewed Sharon's generosity as a victory for Hamas and they now see Hamas as a vehicle for further advancements of their desires. In short, Hamas via terrorism finally made headway in their war against Israel with tangible results. They are not about to turn back now.

In this story there is a lesson. Appeasement does not work against terrorists. It emboldens them and it provides terrorists with support from the populace for whom they fight. Americans will do well do note the results of this election in the context of Sharon's acts of appeasement so that we do not make the same mistakes.

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