Monday, January 23, 2006

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Hollywood!

The recent ranting of another one of Hollywood's liberal icons has really chapped my hide and got me thinking. Harry Belafonte spoke out to the socialist president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez offering the following words of support:

"No matter what, the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorists in the world, George W. Bush says...Millions of American people support your revolution."

Obviously Mr. Belafonte is not only denouncing our president but our capitalist way of life. He, along with many others in Hollywood (probably not millions however), sing the praises of socialism. They encourage the redistribution of wealth and supposed equality for all, yet they remain some of the richest people in America. This raises some questions.

One of the basic tenets of socialism is the belief that the government is better at taking care of the people than the people are at taking care of themselves. Socialists view the government as the caretaker who should decide what is best for the masses and use all their money, pooled into its coffers to do good for the people. In order to accomplish this the belief in the concepts of the collection and redistribution of wealth are essential. So, I have some questions or, should I say a challenge, for Mr. Belafonte and some of his buddies like Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon et al.

They are all very wealthy, so why don't they hand in all the money they own and earn annually, minus a reasonable amount to survive on, to the Medicaid system in California. I believe it is called MediCal and it is in dire straits. All these wealthy socialists could dump all their money, except for about $100,000.00 annually into MediCal. This $100,000.00 should be sufficient to live off of in Southern California. They could also retain what would be reasonable retirement and savings accounts for someone their age who is working class. If you took all of the combined wealth of the Hollywood socialists I am betting you could prop up Medical pretty good. Better yet they would be practicing what they preach, so-to-speak. Their wealth would be given to the government to be redistributed among the less fortunate masses in the form of socialized medicine. So why don't they?

I don't know but I have a guess. They are elitist, just like Ted Kennedy and the far Lefties in academia. The government knows what is best for everybody but them. They know what is best for everybody else, but it does not apply to them. They consider themselves intellectually and morally superior to everyone else, thus exempt from their own agendas. That is why they attempt to dictate to the world how things should be for everybody but themselves. They are elitist.

And there you have it Hollywood elites, I challenge you to stand by your socialists principles and do what you think I should do. Work hard, turn over almost all your earnings to the government so that they can use it in whatever way they see fit to "take care" of us and you. I won't hold my breath.

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