Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Political Hack of the Week

Just getting back in the swing of things after an involuntary layoff from blogging. Right out of the gate with this week's Political Hack is none other than that man that just refuses to go away, Jimmy Carter. Even though nobody really takes him seriously anymore he refuses to fade away into obscurity.

Carter wins this award for his inexplicable defense of the terrorist group Hamas that recently dominated the Palestinian elections. Recently in an opinion piece he argued that the United States and Israel should not punish the Palestinian people for democratically electing Hamas. He stands by this position even though Hamas is a notorious terrorist organization that refuses to moderate their position in regards to the destruction of Israel.

Carter's position is that funding Hamas in good faith will go further towards convincing them to moderate than cutting off funding. Yeah, right. Once again a liberal refuses to see the reality of the situation. Funding the Palestinians while Hamas is in control is absolutely insane.

It is great that the Palestinians had what appears to be a free and fair democratic election. The right to vote for whomever one desires is a great power and with great power comes great responsibility. The Palestinians have, and should have the right to elect whomever they desire but they must now face the consequences of their choice. In the end it is Hamas' refusal to moderate that will punish the Palestinians not the refusal of the international community to provide funding to a group of terrorists.

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