Saturday, March 25, 2006


Have you every wondered why you hear more about some documents than others in the mainstream media? Have you ever wondered why some documents are immediately considered legitimate and authentic while others are immediately dismissed as fraudulent or simply ignored by the press? I have.

For example, who could forget the fraudulent documents regarding the President's military service that were take as gospel by Dan Rather and CBS? They immediately resulted in a 60 Minutes exclusive story. Yet they turned out to be fake and not even good fakes at that. Nobody at CBS bothered to check because they were not interested in the truth. Remember this story broke in late September of 2004, just prior to the 2004 election in November. In case you forgot the story, here is the link.

Then there are other documents that don't seem to get much air time. In fact, the only air time they have gotten in the mainstream media has been just enough to dismiss them as fakes without any clear explanation as to how this conclusion was drawn. These documents come from the millions that have been discovered in the aftermath of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are the ones that reveal more evidence regarding Saddam's terror ties. Recent documents have been uncovered that further indicate Saddam had global terror ties, but these are not the first and they have not gotten any more attention by the mainstream press than previous ones. Even the European intelligence documents, verified by the 9/11 Commission http://
, that found the 9/11 terrorist, Atta, met with Iraqi intelligence officers have barely been mentioned in the press.

So, why is there no 60 Minutes episode on all the compelling documents coming out of the war on terror? Well, the mainstream media has feverishly tried to hide any connection between Saddam and global terrorism. They have sought to paint Saddam as an isolated tyrant that was not a threat to the U.S. This has been done in an effort to paint the picture of an unnecessary, illegitimate war. When documents arise that point to a direct link between Saddam and global terrorism, then this distortion of the facts perpetuated by the media can no longer be credible. So pertinent information on the legitimacy of the war is kept out of the limelight, so that the press can continue to mislead the populous to push their own political agendas.

OK, I think I have made my point but let's talk documents. Let me first say that I don't know if any of them are real or fraudulent. I do know that they have all been under much more scrutiny in regard to their authenticity than the Rather documents. I have provided a sample of articles on the issue for your reading pleasure, so you can make informed decisions regarding Saddam and the global war on terror based on documents that you probably have not heard much about.

If you are a reasonable person and are open-minded, it should obvious that the documents gathered over the years implicate Saddam as being a player in international terrorism. This is why I had to dig deep and look hard to get information on them. Don't expect a 60 Minutes episode anytime soon.

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