Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fighting in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Fighting Deadliest in Months. Just glancing at that headline from this AP article like many Americans do without reading the contents under the title, one starts to think that things are going bad for us in Afghanistan.

Once you read the contents of the article you realize that the title given is certainly appropriate. Recent fighting in Afghanistan has been very deadly, for the Taliban.

The article, at least in my view, attempts to insinuate that things are deteriorating for our troops in Afghanistan. The main thrust of that insinuation is a large Taliban attack on a Coalition base in southern Afghanistan. In the attack one American and one Canadian soldier were killed. 12 Taliban fighters were killed during the assault. The Coalition counterattack that followed killed an additional 20 Taliban fighters and resulted in the destruction of two enemy compounds.

I am certainly not making light of the dead and wounded Coalition troops. I just believe a more fitting title would have been something like "Coalition troops rout Taliban rebels".

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