Saturday, March 04, 2006

Political Hack of the Week

For two weeks running the winner of the Political Hack of the Week award is Mr. Jimmy "I love third world dictators" Carter. He wins this award for siding with countries with more than dubious records in the area of human rights and against the United States and our ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton.

The controversy of course stems from Bolton's desire to see the Human Rights Council reformed and for the five members of Security Council to form the foundation of the council. Carter has taken exception with this proposal. It seems he promised countries like Pakistan, Egypt, and Cuba that this would not happen and that the United States would not dominate this council. He even went so far as to complain to Secretary of State Condolezza Rice and hopes that the United States proposal is defeated in a vote.

It is not like these countries that form the council now, countries as stated earlier with less than stellar records in human rights, have contributed anything to the world in advancing these rights. To say that the entire council has been a joke would be an understatement. To say that Jimmy Carter is a joke would be an understatement. Just what makes him believe that he has the authority to promise anything to anybody?

As much as I would like for this irrelavent political hack to fade away into obscurity it just is not going to happen. He keeps popping up like a bad irritating cold sore trying to make the American people forget that he was one of the worst presidents to ever occupy the White House. He will be and has been as unsuccessful in that endeavor as he was as president. In his bid to remain relevant at any cost he has surpassed hack and has now entered into moonbat status.

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