Monday, March 06, 2006

Stubborn Facts in the Wake of a Storm

As I pondered this week's quote of the week by John Adams, I decided it was time to provide some important facts. These facts have been ignored because they contradict all the race-baiting propaganda that was dished out immediately following Hurricane Katrina. As usual, the sources of that propaganda are not interested in the truth. They are only interested in reinforcing their skewed notions about American society and defeating their political opposition, while promoting agendas that are out of touch with reality.

How many times did you hear the handwringing about only poor blacks being the victims of Hurricane Katrina? How many times were government officials accused of racism? How often was this storm and the horrible aftermath used to promote the agendas of opportunists like Jessie Jackson. Let me count the ways this disaster was used a political tool to further divide America. Well, here are some facts.

New Orleans, pre-Katrina, had a black population that comprised around 67% of the total population. Of the 910 bodies of victims examined by the morgue, 53% were black and 43% were white (Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, 2/23/06). The math is not hard here. A disproportionately high number of whites died and a disproportionately low number of blacks died. Storms do not discriminate.

The opportunistic use of any crisis, by those with political motivations, to divide this nation instead of unifying it frankly sickens me. Americans, regardless of race, gender, political party etc., have historically been characterized by our ability to unite and perservere in a time of crisis. This is being changed by those in the mainstream media, radical political activists, the Hollywood crowd, academics and those in political office, all who hate their political opposition more than they love their country and its citizenry. Katrina is just one example where facts are ignored because they don't support an agenda. This agenda includes the division of America, in the form of identity politics, and peddling victimhood and entitlement mentality. It includes eliminating the concept of personal responsibility and using blame as a political tool.

Katrina was a horrible natural disaster and we are still dealing with the effects of this disaster. Victims included rich and poor, black white and Hispanic but they are/were all Americans. Those of us with the means have helped and should continue to help out our fellow citizens until the crisis is over. This is the American way.

So there you have it, a few facts. These facts teach us a lot; too bad they are being ignored. In the words of President Adams, "...they are stubborn things...."

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