Friday, April 28, 2006

America, Europe and Sudan

Every time I hear America and Europe in the same sentence it is usually in the context of something America does that is "bad" and enlightened Europe does that is the opposite, and thus "good". Recent events in the Sudan have not been making headlines regularly but they will now that the UN is going to cut food aid in half to this country in the throws of civil war between Arabs and non-Arabs. The Sudanese government is backing Arab militias who are bent on cleansing the country of non-Arabs and are doing this though a campaign of rape, murder and total annihilation of villages.

One must wonder why the UN is cutting food aid. Well, there have not enough donations by countries in the Western world, with the US being the exception. Only one European country has contributed; it is Italy with a scant 1.2 million dollar donation. The US has donated 188 million to feed both Muslims and non-Muslims through the UN food program. The US President has agreed to send military peacekeeping forces, but under the condition that it is a multinational effort with the Europeans participating equally. So far Europe is doing what it does best, sitting on its hands.

I see in the news that George Clooney is in the Sudan now to draw attention to the matter. I am not a fan of Clooney, but if he manages to accomplish his task and refrain from attempts to blame the US for the plight of the non-Arab Sudanese, I will gain a little respect for him. Clooney has been rabidly anti-American in his comments concerning America's foreign policies. He, like many other left-wing radicals, always fail to specify exactly what policies are so evil. I am assuming that they are not referring to policies such as the ones we are seeing now towards Sudan, where America steps up to lead the fight against hunger, oppression and genocide.

Last year America's government and private humanitarian aid to the world was more than the rest of the world's combined aid. While America has done some harm in the world, it continues to be a beacon of hope and often the only one willing to help in times of crisis. So, while the French and the rest of Western Europe are patting themselves on the back for being peace-loving humanitarians, America is putting its money where its mouth is not and actually attempting to to help the victims in Sudan.

America has its faults, but at the end of the day we are doing more good in the world than any other country. Is that why everybody hates us?

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