Monday, June 05, 2006

June 6

June 6, 2006 or 06/06/06 has become a date of peculiar interest over the last few months. Everything from predictions about the end of the world and that the anti-christ will be revealed to the opening of the remake of the 1976 movie The Omen have become the topic of conversation about this date. All of this absolute nonsense has overshadowed the most significant fact about June 6th.

On June 6, 1944 Operation Overlord commenced as British, Canadian, American, and Free French forces descended on the Beaches of Normandy opening up a two front war in Europe. One of the largest operations ever undertaken in the history of warfare succeeded on this day in breaching Hitler's Atlantic Wall and began the liberation of Europe from a tyrannical dictator. It was not easy, it was not flawless and it came at a heavy price with anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 allied troops killed on this one day of combat.

While it is disturbing to me that the 62nd anniversary of this battle is being overshadowed by absurd prognostications it is somewhat understandable in today's climate. It seems that the Mainstream Media and the anti-war Left has somewhat succeeded in wearing down the American citizenry. With images and stories of death and setbacks told from a point of view of imminent defeat it is easy to see how we can be carried away by amusing if not macabre stories that take our attention away from the reality of our present war.

Some already believe that the American people have lost the will to win this war in Iraq. This can only lead to defeat or at the very least a premature withdrawal which would have catastrophic effects on the progress made in the Middle East. I hold out hope that this is not entirely true but the evidence is certainly starting to mount. I am not just talking about poll numbers or the lack of fanfare concerning the anniversary of D-Day. I can hardly believe that the absence of numerous flags or yellow ribbons on Memorial Day were limited to the area in which I live and work. Think about it for a moment, what outward observances of this important holiday do you remember seeing or that you were a participant?

Even more disturbing is the way in which our troops that have been decorated for bravery in Afghanistan and Iraq have been largely ignored by the media and even more sadly the American people themselves. Where were the remembrances of soldiers like Army Sgt. 1st class Paul Smith Medal of Honor winner or Medal of Honor nominee Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta? Both of these men sacrificed themselves to protect the lives of their men. What about the opportunity that women in this country missed to celebrate the heroics of Silver Star winner Sgt. Leigh Ann Hester?

It seems that the feelings of apathy towards the war in Iraq have surpassed the feelings of support or opposition. In today's society where we have attempted to all but eradicate the feeling of defeat as well as minimize the thrill of victory it is not all that hard to understand why most Americans are choosing to ignore the war in Iraq as well as the participants. The American people do not wish to be subjected to the feelings of defeat projected daily by the media and are made to feel guilty if they revel too much in any military victory. As a result we ignore reality and occupy ourselves with the silly.

It is imperative that the American people face reality again because the War on Terror is too important to lose. For those of us still engaged with this reality it is our responsibility to make those disengaged remember the despair and defeat felt after 9/11 and to show them that there is no shame in celebrating our victories over murderous tyrannts, both past and present, and terrorists hell bent on killing us. With the constant battering of the anti-war Left and media this will be no easy task. However, it is a task that must be undertaken because apathy towards our past, present, and future gives aid to the enemy, demoralizes our troops, and makes us a target for future enemies.

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