Friday, June 02, 2006

Political Hack of the Week

The winner of the Political Hack of the Week award goes to the less than honorable Democrat New York State Comptroller Alan Hevesi.

During a commencement speech at Queens College Hevesi introduced Senator Chuckles Schumer as the man that would "put a bullet between the President's eyes if he could get away with it". Of course he immediately realized what a terrible statement this was and within hours of the speech called a press conference to apologize for the remark. He apologized to both the President of the United States and to Senator Schumer saying that his statement "was beyond dumb". HMMMMM, you think?

Of course this was an "incredibly moronic" statement just as Hevesi's self description states, but this runs deeper than just foot in mouth disease. The irrational hate of the Bush Administration that runs rampant throughout the Democratic Party is no longer an amusing side show. This affliction long ago started to have a devastating affect on America at home and abroad, especially where the War on Terror is concerned.

I have no problem with healthy debate or opposing points of view. However, juvenile insults do nothing but discourage the American people in the political process and in our government as a whole. This is not nearly as worrisome as their defeatist attitude regarding the War on Terror. It is one thing to be against the war and to disagree with the President. No problem there either. I have the utmost respect for those democrats that oppose the war and the President but understand that we have to leave the Iraqi people in a position to protect themselves from hostile countries, terrorist groups and hopefully from a civil war. These democrats are few and far between.

The Bush hating syndrome has consumed the majority of the party. Blinded by this syndrome and with the help of the MSM they have said and will say any and everything to bring down Bush regardless of the costs. Over the past few years they have systematically worn down the American people and their support for the war with irrational untrue defeatist statements supplemented by the MSM's policy of ignoring accomplishments and glorifying setbacks. Remember, it matters not what happens to Iraqi's if we lose or pull out early it is all Bush's fault anyway just as it did not matter what happened to the people of southeast asia.

These baby-boomer leftists in somekind of clouded acid flashback are once again spreading their American hating blame America first rhetoric. This time they are doing it from positions of power, specifically college professors and politicians, and are looking to convert our nations youth. They still yearn for an isolated communal America of free love and loose morals. While I do not believe they will actually accomplish this feat I do believe they have already caused irreparable damage. When the time comes will the majority of Americans support the next step in the War on Terror? Will we accept defeat, recoil from the rest of the world and return to the type of malaise that afflicted us in the late 70's?

Sadly, a lot of Republicans are to blame as well. A large number of Congressional Republicans, especially the Senators, have lost their way and have forgotten why they rose to power in the first place. Time and time again they have shown no regard for the will of the American people and legislate any way they want. Along with the Bush Administration they have also failed the War on Terror. They have yet found a way to effectively combat the defeatists and do not seem to think it a priority to do so. The arrogance, incompetence, and imbecilic actions of our nation's leaders should make for interesting mid-term elections.

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