Monday, June 12, 2006

Republican House Resolution

Another shining example of how Democrats just do not get it.

From Reuters:

Republicans in the House of Representatives on Monday introduced a resolution they said would be the springboard for a thorough debate on the Iraq war, but Democrats decried it for dealing broadly with the war on terrorism instead focusing on Iraq.

The House later this week is to debate the resolution, which declares the United States will prevail in the war on terror and does not mention Iraq until the eighth paragraph.

The top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee Rep. Ike Skelton stated "most of the resolution dealt with the war on terrorism, and referred "only secondarily to the war in Iraq"." He also sent a letter to Republican House leader John Boehner that stated, "I think you well understand that the war in Iraq is a separate conflict, an insurgency with terrorist elements and sectarian violence."

WMD's or no WMD's invading Iraq was the right thing to do. WMD's or no WMD's Saddam Hussein was a terrorist. No he was not a terrorist in the al-Zarqawi or bin Laden sense of the word but he was a terrorist nonetheless. A very dangerous man that attacked his neighbors, his own people and supported more "traditional" terrorists. Fighting a War on Terror around the Middle East and leaving Saddam Hussein in power would have been the equivalent of liberating Europe but leaving Adolf Hitler in control of Germany.

The War in Iraq and the War on Terror are one in the same. I am not sure that all Democrats fail to see the bigger picture that supports this assertion. I am sure that they believe that separating the two and characterizing the War in Iraq as a mistake is the best way to hurt Bush and ensure that the American people will lose their will. If they succeed the repercussions will come full circle. If the American people give up on Iraq they will give up on the War on Terror. That may be all right with them but you can be assured that the terrorists will not give up and the repercussions of that will very likely cost American lives.

Luckily the House Republicans do seem to get it...

But Boehner in a statement cast the debate as a means to highlight "clear differences between Republicans and Democrats on how best to confront the Global War on Terror." He said the debate "will be about the fundamental question: Are we going to confront the threat of terrorism and defeat it, or will we relent and retreat in the hopes that it just goes away?"

Before mentioning Iraq, the House resolution in several paragraphs cited Afghanistan and Libya as evidence of progress in the war on terror. Further down, it said former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and his regime "supported terrorists," and said terrorists have proclaimed Iraq the "central front" in their war against those opposed to their ideology.

The resolution also declared it is not in the national interest to "set an arbitrary date to withdraw or redeploy" U.S. forces from Iraq, and said the United States is committed to "completion of the mission to create a sovereign, free, secure and united Iraq."

Let's hope that Senate Republicans have the same backbone that their colleagues in the House seem to have.

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